• My first overseas tour...Ashleigh Mannix

Part one of my first overseas tour!

Hope everyone is going great and gearing up for summer :)
My guitar and I got back last week from a 3 week trip through America
and Canada, and we had a BALL! :)

I left Oz on the 9th of September, and after what had to have been at
least 24 hours spent in planes, sitting next to smelly people, and
waiting patiently while connecting flights were delayed; I finally
found myself in San Diego airport!

A lovely man from....Persia maybe..?...took me to my hotel which was
so nice!! Across the road from the hotel is the San Diego Convention
Center, which is where this year’s ASR (Action Sports Retailer) Trade
Show was held. My first performance of my trip was at the Billabong
booth at the Show. It was cool to able to have a sneak peek at next
year’s US range!

My next performance was at the Liquid Nation Ball, which was awesome!
The Liquid Nation Ball is a big fundraising night for the SIMA
Humanitarian Fund. It is held each year in La Jolla, at Fernando
Aguerre's MANSION!!

My first Hollywood gig!!
My last gig in California was for Billabong, at a Teen Vogue store. It
was great, I did my set, then got to walk around checking out all the
new fashion…oh and there was cupcakes too:)
The next day I was off to Canada.