• Nicki Antogini HOME series

Nicki Antogini HOME series


<<<<H O M E S E R I E S >>>>

For Nicki home is in the Swiss Alps. Her home resort of Laax, and its here that she truly became a exceptional snowboarder and grew to be the person she is today. She reminded us that it is really important to remember where we come from. It where we are brought up that runs through our veins, and there is no other feeling that having the snow under your feet that taught you how to carve both in life and how to carve out time for yourself as you grow.

Read below to hear about her home slope and what will always draw her back.

Tell us about Laax, the community and what makes it feel like home.

"This is my home resort, Laax, in the Swiss Alps. This place feels more like home to me than anywhere else, it’s the people really. We have a common kind of lifestyle built around the resort: shred, friends, bar, coffee, party, work, shred some more. We’re all stitched together by the way we spend our time, it’s one big community, a big family."

Who taught you how to snowboard and what makes Laax one of your favorite places to go!

"I grew up learning how to snowboard from my Dad, he used to race these old-school looking boards, and he taught me my first turns. Nowadays I own four different boards (pow board, jib board, split board, carve board) while my dad is still rocking his race board. It’s important to remember where we came from. After my dad I’d say Sina Candrian is my favorite rider and a major influence, not only for her stylish riding but also her incredible personality. I owe her a lot. And this place, it’s where I belong...

Laax is a luxury snowboarders resort, they’re hosting the most important snowboarding event in Europe, and yet at the same time the managers have done a really good job keeping the shredding atmosphere alive. People come here because it’s an incredible place to snowboard, a world class park, but also because the crowd that is drawn here istalented, down to earth, authentic. Whether I’m shredding the snowpark, working from Riders’ lobby, going for awalk around Caumasee, having coffees up in No Name, I’m constantly reminded how lucky I am to be in a placewhere I feel so comfortable."

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from Nicki's home of Laax in the Swiss Alps.