• Norway Retreat with Rebecca Amber and Lindsey Sara

We would like to introduce you to Rebecca Amber and Lindsey Sara from Norway: twin sisters, business partners, photographers, producers and world travelers.

Their photos are well known in the world of photography, they are detailed and have been shot with a good sense for aesthetics. Both are working on their own projects but they also collaborate. Today we would like to get an insight into their lives and work.

Q & A:

Hello Rebecca, hello Lindsey. We feel very honored to meet you and to get to know a bit more about you girls. First, we would like to introduce you to our readers, so please tell us something about yourself. Let`s start with some facts: (lifestyle, age, family, job)...

R: l I live in Squamish B.C, Canada with my two beautiful children Kayden (9) and Anela (11). We call the west coast our home but have been travelling the world together since day one. Our passports are full of stamps and our memories are endless. I am 34 years young.

L: I currently live on a farm on the west coast of Norway with my boyfriend and our two-year-old daughter Lily-Summer. I’ve been living here for 4 years now but I still call Canada home. I try to keep a good balance between both places. I am 34 years old and work with my twin sister Rebecca as a photographer, editor and producer. I am very passionate about what I do, there is no day without taking pictures and I see all of my surroundings potentially in a picture. As a photographer you have endless possibilities and I’m so happy to share my experience in this Nordic Retreat to inspire girls to turn their passion into a profession just like my sister and I have done ourselves.

What lead you into photography? When did you start and what was your first camera?

R: Travelling with my children has inspired me to make my photography blossom and grow from seed to flower. As they grow, so does my passion and career in photography. My first camera was a Nikon D5000.

L: I started photography about 7 years ago after I have been editing for Rebecca for 2 years first. This is where I learned to shoot. I studied her ways of capturing lighting, compositions, angles and documented her way of catching an emotion or a moment. Her business grew so fast she needed a duplicate of herself. Benefit of being an identical twin, it was effortless for me to start shooting with her.

Which camera is always with you when you`re travelling?

R: My D5, she’s my third child.

L: Nikon D4 and of course my iPhone.

What else is necessary for your trips? Name three things you would never leave at home.

R: My girlfriends, my favorite crystals and bikinis.

L: Stacks of memory cards, lenses and bikinis as an element of water is usually present in my travels.

Which culture and country inspired you the most?

R: I would have to say Norway… hands down Hoddevik where we are hosting the retreat. There is just something so magical about this place. It’s not only the landscape but the serenity and untouched raw beauty that makes this place so inspiring to me. The colors, the light, the mountains kissing the ocean… I’m in love. This place makes me feel so alive! Norwegians are very passionate about their country which I admire as well.

L: I actually really admire Norwegian concern for cultural maintenance, how they care for the environment and the dynamic landscapes. Norwegians tend to parallel their environment, while they are well-groomed and slower paced.

If you could move anywhere in the world – where would you go?

R: Maui. It has a special place in my heart.

L: Probably Mexico. Surf, sun and Mexican food are my favorites.

Of course, we would like to know when you first got in touch with surfing and where? Can you describe the feeling of riding a wave in three words?

R: I surfed for the first time in Maui. The feeling of riding a wave makes me want more, be free and feel love.

L: Rebecca and I moved to Hawaii when we were 23. This is where my love for surfing began. For me surfing is fun, refreshing, motivating.

What is your favorite surf spot in Norway? Do you think Norway is a good location for a surf trip?

R: Hoddevik! No one in the lineup, white sand bottom and the best ice cream headache of your life but very liberating and worth it!

L: Hoddevik is amazing, the location is stunning, I feel like I’m back in Hawaii every time I go there… just a little colder and my bikini turns into a 5mm wetsuit but the water is aqua green, sand is white and there are almost always waves.

We would like to share your favorite spots in Norway with our readers. Which place is important to visit and is there also a secret spot for making special photos?

R: I may sound like a broken record but Hoddevik, this is why we are so excited to host our retreat here!! The girls will get so much inspiration here. The endless light paints this rural backdrop in so many ways. My sister took me on a hike up the fjord above the surf bay, it is quite a magnificent view.

L: Oslo is a must, it’s so beautiful, clean and culturally rich. Spend a day or two there and head to Stadland. Spring is my favorite time of the year here. The days are long with this magical light and if you’re lucky you will see northern lights to. You can surf and snowboard on the same day!

As we know you are also working together. How is it to work so close to your sister, does it change your relationship, and can it sometimes be hard to be so close to a sibling?

R: No, we love it. We have always been best friends. We both have different work ethics and perspectives so it's a really good balance for our business. Lindsey is really well organized and business driven whereas I am a little more on the free spirited artistic side. She keeps me grounded and on track. I couldn't do it without her!

When did you first plan to work together and how did this plan come up?

R: I started travelling a lot with my business which was amazing, but I wanted to share my travels and experiences with someone and I couldn’t think of anyone better than my twin sister. As my business grew she took on the back end of business so I could focus more on the creative side.

L: I was actually living in Bondi Beach, Australia and working for Billabong for a year while Rebecca was building her business. I came home for a visit and she convinced me to go to Hawaii with her. It was there when we came up with a business plan and I ended up staying in Hawaii for 6 months and taught myself how to take pictures. After this our business took over… I never went back to Australia, things just moved too fast.

Lindsey, please describe Rebecca in three words:

L: Talented, devoted, creative.

Rebecca now it`s your turn - describe Lindsey in three words:

R: Grounded, inspiring, a friend.

Do you already plan new projects together for the next months or year?

R: Always planning! Our wheels are always turning, we both live with the motor always on!

L: After the retreat we are shooting in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and then Hawaii. We plan to host 4 retreats a year, and maybe have one somewhere tropical…

Is there something you would love to do together but didn`t have the chance until now?

R: Being mothers together. I had my children 11 years ago and now I have the chance to experience the love, challenges and balance between business and family life from the same perspective.

L: Yes, we have always wanted to go to Bali together, goal for this year for sure.

We're proud to announce that BillabongWomensEurope is part of the Nordic Photography Retreat organized by Rebecca and Lindsey.

It takes place in Norway from the 4th till the 8th of May. You will be able to discover the way of taking pictures like Rebecca and Lindsey and learn a lot about how to get great shots as they do. Besides that, you're going to improve your surfing skills at the impressive and wonderful spots of Norway and have a Yoga class after.

We are glad to be part of an event like this and to support creative and inspiring girls like Lindsey and Rebecca.

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