• Occ-Cast Episode 1 featuring Joel Parkinson

On the first ever episode of Occ-Cast, surfing legend Mark Occhilupo, aka Occy, sits down with Surfing legend Mark Occhilupo, aka Occy, with professional surfer and World Tour champ Joel Parkinson to discuss the footy, Joel's favorite wave in the world and his future as part of the World Tour.

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0:03okay so yeah it's a great honor and a privilege to have job parkinson on my

0:17first of up forecast mom up Carl's yeah it's that it's new and it's thank you

0:25for coming and joining my job no worries think you are yet I guess an honor to

0:30formally find out exactly what podcaster all that

0:34yeah I know it's all new for me too so yeah when / listen to a few of them and


0:39ah yeah this year but I'm how's your morning so far one morning was pretty

0:46cool i am gonna help reopen slaves like maybe 45 and I was I don't want to get

0:55like an email to me you know she got four fish so I jumped in my button when

1:01for early feature car was out in the dark about 30 on saturday and the tweet

1:08bar and about and all that and gonna have to tape a little Tyler and his

1:13friend our sound is coming and it was the house we just started to work out

1:18family's just waiting on some money to eat him for breakfast

1:21I didn't really keeping their mind a lot of them were just done so I said yeah I

1:25didn't bother ya will come well I'm that your morning

1:29yeah well it was more about last night for me yeah i went and watched I my

1:33beloved team the chart by your team the Ghostlight morning

1:38well it used to be your to get used to that was pretty cool what's that guy was

1:42here i watch that to really good

1:45yes so we went up there and watch it live and um Cornell was going for their

1:5016th straight win and they drew it was a 1818 draw a little drawers when I was

2:01all I watched watched it was interesting in the last like you that's when

2:06referees are pretty lenient as a little boy

2:10outside and i couldn't keep I couldn't get know what I'm doing everything I was

2:15like if that happens in the grand final

2:17they're not gonna wait on name you know we'll get off road be late but Nala

2:22we're hoping that I could make grand final against maybe the Cowboys of a

2:26storm i'm not looking at the titans at the moment that I mean do you think they

2:30got a chance to make that I mean well well they're probably gonna make it to

2:34bite with the finals

2:36yeah probably terrified but not before I can't say too many teams fading Melvin

2:42Cowboys yeah or even the Sharks if i start to play are they were started yeah

2:49tactical of water over there first

2:52you know there when they went on 72 right there first five or winter I

2:55thought amazing

2:56yeah okay like that okay let's get off 4000 men

3:00what do you want to the moment i'm now you were almost gonna miss this my first

3:04up Cass to for AJ and you didn't go

3:07yeah i was gonna get faded this morning i'm just a bit of a swell we was going

3:13up there for tomorrow was trying to pick up the sour them and they got there for

3:19tomorrow and the next day but it looks kinda started to fight away wanna go


3:25yeah so this will still be out there and it just didn't hold side I didn't go and

3:30pull yes but I and then abort the mission and I just fight was already out

3:34there you got it takes me and said that it actually keep the business well this

3:37afternoon or it just has their it's lunchtime so I don't know how to play is

3:43not pumping tomorrow my drawing more money that's what we had a good little

3:45east past little bit pop-up honorees about so we'll see what we should have

3:49wives from the economy Wednesday Thursday and also our next week now

3:53you're free next week I don't go to Tahiti until I dont 16 so yeah hopefully

3:57all snake up there and I just haven't had been a bright day /

4:02a long time I feel like 21 things my father why don't I got there yeah and

4:07it's like is it intentionally like practicing for tiny yeah yeah I was just

4:11seeing how my way you guys I haven't actually sir I barely on their dogs

4:15haven't picked a lot you know once i was surfing get almost to jibe I know that

4:20good left jab at all actually haven't been with remember the last ones in the

4:24back side battle

4:25well last one was about to battle probably Hawaii well wait but I cannot

4:30National now let's see here we just need like a couple just a couple get that

4:34feeling to be able to just don't died in childhood and see you back in about yeah

4:39sure you must be looking forward to that

4:42te anau to julia's house

4:46i can'twe really there we've had the best songs over there i leave places

4:51that little half there and tell else will be an interesting change this year

4:55because we don't know Pat Stacy of 1i back

4:59pets and no longer working with global side rail against answer we've got an

5:06ipad and we've got we've got Jack and Ryan's their first she's onto us so

5:10we're gonna be but I think we are already coming to write below he might


5:15yeah i like the hopefully low incomes over with Ryan aren't actually I think

5:20I'm coming for a couple days

5:21alright oh just a couple days is just to do some more of class the up broadcast

5:29just going over for a couple days view of your people sad i might be on your


5:33no it's absolutely um is so like just another question on life and now you've

5:41grown up in I'm go and get up everything from the sunshine guys just to let

5:46everyone know it's there where you were originally from exactly on the sunshine

5:51guys as planned a command oh yeah and what I believe commanded by August came

5:58here when I was started by school pretty much like that

6:02just 214 ourselves entertained so you came to maybe say yet maybe a saying

6:08which is Palm Beach currumbin which is one of the best for you can i'm going to

6:13win the bulk eyes you would I was a little too much more for a sports are

6:17they have the best sports certain program football and all that kind of

6:21stuff sounds like after that was their only option to that swim in that river

6:25but will queensland so we were already saw the border so yeah it was previously

6:30was and you wouldn't do is make a mean that schools and weekend making myself

6:35and doing our all get in the shower right at school in $YEAR mustang found

6:40that's fine we had a lot of fun people there in school and some of my favorite

6:46memories you know it getting that basket wielded Kira yeah getting the bus from

6:51kira and the morning service and then everyone on the bus together and allies

6:56this and try to pick get that by Sanders Creek equipment either way so good

7:01yeah somebody cure . here's the Bastille there are good and down is it like I'm

7:11in self wise and thanks why since then has it changed much like for getting you

7:16think I'm an honor

7:17yeah we all may not have spent a lot of influx with different nationalities and

7:22staff and that hasn't changed that much

7:25I think it has them all the biggest change that's happened for surfing or I

7:31can hear is the same problem d yeah i know that you know there's a lot of

7:35people that say before that same bypass system was putting the ways we're better

7:40you know that too

7:44we're at our decide you know there were certain days

7:47sure that were better but we've had some pretty amazing legs moving

7:51need to have we difficult to cure so cute what it was

7:56he's a real bomber that we don't have that anymore yea even we were there so

8:04many I guess that's a topic that could go on and on

8:09there's so many pros and cons about areas yeah and that red dress we had for

8:13a long time really just after i think probably stuff that more than the scene

8:17well that's all I think that was probably . to blind while we lost kiram

8:21and still can't replace our tweet bad still buried between by I don't we you

8:27know we bury Kira yeah we didn't just to explain to the listeners they're there

8:32what we're talking about is some reading on the Gold Coast rapper ox and tweet by

8:37we had a beautiful beautiful big way that side I'm history about where which

8:44is probably java nuys favorite wave and not 20,000 beautiful big left and now

8:49the big ship came and dredged it and then like built that and pumping jetty

8:54on that side of arm over the crown bar which is called tos on the other side

8:59and and now the couple to send into snap we still have Cara Imperial was probably

9:04the best wave in the world one of them and down and the god in flux with sound

9:11like they just pump two months and we lost that wave still writes and it's

9:15starting to come back with you it'll take us back inside because now we can

9:19see the little boy we've got a few hundred other things and we can we can

9:23start to see a beach on the rocks well there's been an address on looks like a

9:28bit of all care about it doesn't matter of five kinda close out think yeah that

9:34you can get seriously checked out but not like it was a point right before it

9:40doesn't break the instrument yeah sure yeah and so yeah so I'm like just to

9:48come back to your around your competitive Korea which has been so good

9:53you wanna will title which was fantastic i was there and it was just sensational

9:58I was

9:59just a long time coming yeah that's what I was young it was going to know just

10:04like yours but always when I was saying that as long as you all know that I'm

10:11but handle it when it finally advising of a you're probably one of the other

10:18girls against the programs that feeling because you had that long bright that

10:22long break and you charge for a while then when offer them tried and I guess

10:29yeah just bitter sweet isn't it it's so straight there when you get it and it

10:35was like slow inside that sometimes it can pop a lot ankle injuries and you're

10:39right there and didn't happen

10:41did you ever think that wasn't gonna happen yeah you do

10:44sure if it had to happen that you too i don't know what would have happened if

10:49you like I'm over here having trouble

10:52yeah so how many years do you think you're gonna keep competing for i'm not

10:57sure and I'm really yeah because it even Adam I want to pin it does 2112 wanted

11:06to use my water towards I'm enjoying it

11:09I don't want to throw out here now I just you know I just time takes a lot of

11:16cool that I get to work with no title to be on you know to do what I had to do

11:20and I've done that I really was want to get back to this enjoying a certain and

11:25you're like painting and I just do that i don't know you know as on this line is

11:31that happening around me really easily I love it sorry I'm keeps me like I'm

11:37afraid that if I don't compete it'll keep me it won't keep me as hungry and

11:45willing to serve into to chase white and you know maybe we'll just have to put

11:50off the gas of you and I don't want to do that yeah I want to still get valid

11:54ya do still you know

11:56the head I'm not gonna try to qso gonna change somewhat no I down without having

12:01dinner doing this

12:02haha well we see me excited to go to page ID you snapper always wives i just

12:10went you know that if I could maybe pick and choose events always gonna be hard

12:16it's gonna be hard to leave the tour because the ones on this will be an

12:21aside your invisible to me like yeah DJ Jay by snap barbells i love Tahoe Haiti

12:31you know there's a couple on there are probably a wooden case for as much but i

12:37still enjoy

12:38yeah you know probably be hard to miss to show that i couldn't know is it w SL

12:44let you do that I think so you don't think I'll just today's for events like

12:48my event

12:49ya Salam 50 is only exactly give her like I don't think that weird that

12:54you've got to put it with more than that yeah and I think that's kind of selfish

12:58in a way for his elegant get other than going to get off set em the transitions

13:03hard then obviously I've done it and I'm not having two beautiful boys and

13:09probably won't be as hard for you I mean you've got you know AV Macy and and

13:15Molly and um you know I'm sure you know you look it apart from yourself

13:22traveling you don't do it so much they decided to the kids at school obviously

13:26they're older but when you first had the babies from your pretty much one of the

13:32first or maybe Denny wills before you traveling with family until it doesn't

13:36make it better and easy I'm yeah and you know it's weird because like this year

13:42we've got this break between i'm going to do trestles and for myself and I'm

13:46and then went back for a 22 and wait right between that a brain so I'm coming

13:52home and then four wakin family and we're all going to Europe for the all

13:56your leg and your they're talking about

13:59you go to Paris where do these gonna drive there was stopping bored I loved

14:02ones we don't all this cool stuff for five days before that and then the kids

14:07were like Nick she might go to Europe to America what do disney land all this and

14:12then I'm like well hey long my eating i'm gonna be all this to like maybe

14:16planning these holidays for like you know the following year that we like I

14:22would have greek islands and all these places like we're going over there we've

14:25either go to these places and online and I'll be 50 and still traveling around

14:30but the other cool things like they're all going after my kids to enjoy that

14:34part of it and so I guess now it's quite a what

14:41easy in a stable know it's pretty hard to start finding guess how it was all

14:45gonna work

14:46ya know I always unsure but I guess now we have a pretty good for easy system

14:52and they run family not helped will work and it goes well you must be someone

14:58you're not

14:59yeah you know exploited it really doesn't yeah it's hard to resize times

15:04where I know you know what your last year was you know I lost the elderly in

15:09France and I had like two weeks of my portal system that was draining and I

15:15was like our what am I here for purposes that one that they don't like jump on a

15:19plane and come on

15:20yeah let's talk about it and I was thinking what's the point of doing that

15:23you know taking ruin you

15:25yeah exactly are you doing yeah two trips to Europe into way to me pretty

15:31full-on yeah okay so that's way down and one of the very exciting things that you

15:37doing with yourself and make fan and a damages your beer the ball to be a as I

15:43don't know it's going well

15:44really fun you know that's kind of I guess when I do finish up surfing we

15:51definitely diving in and is getting my hands dirty they're a bit more in the

15:55company and then with beer and it's so much fun you know crappy is Saturday

16:02industry its

16:04everyone and in everyone anything at all times just so i guess i'm excited about

16:11an awesome new brain and how it's all going in and create a great atmosphere

16:15there and keep making good beer and everyone's really own I'm not it's

16:20really passionate bed

16:21yeah they have altered we all are we you know its tail economy a little pride and

16:26joy of help I've you

16:28we just know it's it's it's really funded know we only joy all these will

16:34enjoy FL . let me do diet we are it's been really cool like come tonight I

16:39guess we got that Ranger legs will not happen

16:42yeah we got this little virgin called those during pop agent nobody up here on

16:46tappan just going in there watching people that are not enjoy added that

16:51yeah having a halter and I'm what is your name it puts a small and Wi-Fi its

16:56own people and they get all part of your life I oh it's you know it's often a

17:00walker and you if you're somewhere like I'm having to be on having a party like

17:04you know it's it's really good just to see people enjoying something that I

17:08guess we've we dreamed about doing two years ago and you know it's funny but

17:13it's happening on our alarm was just a train baser Bob yesterday my notice it

17:18was on tap there and my girlfriend just had one and she loves it

17:23this little maybe when we go for lunch and it's cool i don't want today that

17:28yeah but you're gonna log some of these in the future that were gonna come up

17:32with you got a temp time next year we'll have pilsners and dark beers and just do

17:37from be easier at this stage we're still only a few months old so it's still

17:42really I guess you needed the the the brewing sort of any a brewery you know

17:49we don't have a lot of route to do a lot of different things yet but as time goes

17:54on it will work . expand to be hopefully we can get

17:58a bit more female b is going on and yeah enjoy it along the way before one that

18:04you really like it

18:05now i'm pretty sure you want to be guilty about to change and that each of

18:14these three solar and it's a beautiful place I'm yeah really died probably feel

18:18ya its all time so yeah so I'm whatnot I reckon that is my first are cast and I'm

18:27so proud to have job pattinson with me and that's it Charlie thank you for

18:32coming on there is awesome it is