• Occ-Cast Episode 3 Featuring Jack Freestone

Occy sits down with fellow Australian Jack Freestone in the third episode of Occ-Cast. The boys talk the grind of the QS, what Occy would do with a gold medal and the latest on Jack's love life.

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0:03yep we're here in Tahiti and it is the outcasts I episode 3

0:17actually I'm think I'm gonna change my voice yes it's rocky here and I'm very

0:22honored we're sitting in Tahiti now I have got young Jack freestone with me

0:27welcome Jack thank you may be glad to be are so glad to be back I landed in

0:32Turkey last night and we're all staying together

0:35yeah you may Joel Parkinson Ryan Callahan yeah and with in auntie

0:42Jillian's house right on the tip of the road at Teahupoo amazing amazing

0:47yeah this is not your first time here but it's your first and julia is

0:50obviously yeah I second second time to retire yeah huh both know I came last

0:59year and it was exactly what I haven't really score tied yeah you have been no

1:03it's been like that every time I come in

1:05that's how we serve today it was your good and the forecast looks concerned

1:09yes it's definitely my fault you yeah it's not supposed to get over four feet

1:15are take it to the next week and that's the curse of make or no

1:19yeah i've got like some good at it the waiting period for the building products

1:23start tomorrow

1:24yeah and maybe right at the end of the waiting period there might be a speaks

1:28well hopefully that's a long

1:31yeah it's too hard to tell right now yeah it looks like there's a few fun

1:34days but i think there is a good looking swell coming weeks tracking off New

1:40Zealand looks really good on it yeah so I definitely don't have to run a few

1:44days in some small waves and then yeah yeah which is not bad we're still in

1:48tiny hearts now maybe not talking down and I'm not foot chapo is epic yeah it's

1:53funny now we said today and it was fun

1:55yeah i know it was horrible and you're funny don't you can imagine our time

1:58yeah I know yeah all I clips that love is it devours I don't know Danny Welbeck

2:03and just when you're out there and you look back into the mountains it like

2:06that just makes you so if anyone doesn't yeah right

2:09that puts a smile on your face regardless i could be a two-foot-wide

2:12just pretend i'm in the barrel yeah yeah look at the mountains

2:15yeah happy happy I like yeah I'm Jack yeah so at what age did you start

2:22surfing I started surfing and where I ok I started surfing when i was around 11

2:34well that's a little late yeah yeah we're told me that you know I was like

2:38well you started late

2:39yeah i guess its life how everyone like this two-year-old to do it rains at


2:44yeah that's relight it is a start so when I was 11 de barrel actually wanna

2:50yeah my dad pushed me to my first wife little groin get on it yeah which

2:54doesn't exist anymore yeah yeah that knows where that is

2:57yeah that's a special spot it was a special spot and then yeah thats lolis

3:01cease to exist and then moved venture agreement i like Carl worked my way like

3:06little growing and be growing then grainy and then snap are you in all the

3:13way I didn't go straight out

3:15yeah classic and speaking of your dead Scotty has he doing he's good he's good

3:19he was a very good football player when he was young

3:22yeah yeah he was he was wrong man very strong very big very strong and he was

3:26good really good football player yeah and did you pay for bottle at all ideas

3:30yeah I playing football

3:33up until I was 30 mhm

3:37fight for ya play for affair wall was ok wasn't very good ya go ya did you pay

3:44for life of language yet so no way

3:46yeah they're picked my career that's because my football career up here if

3:51it's all that is good and i played for the Seahawks and chicken I don't know


3:55yeah I probably a year or classic because i'm jay played for the bubble

3:58jet I didn't know what I was good in the he gave it out

4:02that's what year did you serve here white better yeah I know and you can get

4:06hurt but I'm some really good players have come out of flammable Jets yard

4:09chase player is where Ryan Ryan James fires for the time-space played place

4:14for the storm now I want to chase play because I'm really good friends with his

4:18dad Tony Blair yeah not at all to be confused with the Prime Minister of

4:22England yeah i'm yeah Tony and Larry and now y'all what's changed since he was

4:26really young and then he just didn't know he's ripping and yeah yeah I supply

4:3040 with him in right oh you did yeah that's it

4:33no no once and time all time I was cool i was so much fun it's really cool to

4:38see kids for light you that young feel like now and they don't really good as

4:43well it's so cool

4:44yeah it's fak yeah so back to surgery now you qualified last year

4:49yea which was your first year trying to call heart high or not much i'm sorry

4:53about how it's alright so many better on the girls are you where am I was it for


4:59not yet yeah she's on way off the mark there now you're right no be a break

5:04just sippin an ice-cold banana

5:08oh god um yeah yes I the fourth year when we were you're stressing about not

5:13gonna happen now you're gonna when we will knew was gonna happen I why it is a

5:18little few pickups on the why or what's going on this is an experienced man and

5:22i'll get my castle there are everything everywhere like because it was not for

5:28men like there was no four main priority now as opposed to use now let's go with

5:32the first ever come i did was rocky going on

5:35oh yeah well I was when I was about 15 yeah what about you don't want now I got

5:41you didn't know that smoke right now I think why no one that year on calendar

5:48yeah i was our

5:50yeah i was one of the first comp sci did and it was loud

5:53yeah i can remember seeing him and he was not only but everything happened so

5:57fast with qualification like maybe it was so weird like a minute yeah like she

6:03likes it like it all went so far from like doing like grunt groan contest like

6:10your intestinal that to protein is to winning World Junior to complicate it

6:14was I mean yeah I just felt like I was not ready for that all just the qsr yeah

6:20yeah yeah and yeah just knocked around a favorite like it's not a lot of people

6:25around it does but ya got over the hump get over the hurdle

6:29yeah and um you did you got a second was it in Brazil

6:35yeah yeah yeah so that's put year we're on the radio at the moment I don't know

6:39bag . now you back up from island I you gotta sit in 31 their 30 i don't know

6:44that w we are now I won't have a few spots but had to pretty bad contest

6:49back-to-back yeah so that doesn't help

6:51yeah you're chasing the qsl all I've done to contact you dont le primary

6:57results they're going to fear that I really yeah you know I'm later

7:01yeah yeah yeah so yeah I don't know I mean you don't know

7:05yeah just take it happened yeah just going to take it one contest by another

7:08you really did I yeah you can't try and plan to many things and on the 2m know

7:14and love life

7:17yeah there's a lot of don't actually good man with it yeah she's been

7:20together for a while now

7:22three-and-a-half year and a half years almost four years yeah yeah yeah we see

7:27at the moment she quite quite yet she's back home yeah kinda feel like I'm

7:31really connected to in this place that is really what you in tidy it kawaii so


7:36isn't it iron at the end of the road tripping me out

7:39yeah and she lives in high in the side are she lives in principle whole life

7:44yeah okay yeah and then she just bought a proper are she's bored on property

7:49checks the boil at five years yogurt mmm more towards any side okay yeah what did

7:55she do now that she's off to

7:58a lot of sponsorship shipper obligations throughout so she's not alone and sad

8:02just a lot of that stuff yeah just promotion man still with Raquel yeah

8:06yeah yeah so brave girl she interested in going back on the curious and trying

8:10to get things I don't think that that she's done it

8:13yeah she's yeah she's dead like all right comes like she was off hot light

8:18on and off to off

8:19yeah like 7i ears they should I don't know there's nothing really more to


8:26no it's not it up and um you just get over it and then it is if you do it for

8:31so many years you can't look back at those wasted years ago i was i doing

8:35yeah better than traveling the world like going all these cool places but

8:39yeah I was chasing the qos mm I've actually been doing that this year so

8:44much yeah like when israel and yeah it was ok and packaged and having never

8:50ages and got lives in by spots to Japan was fun

8:54yeah they should have a now the Olympics in Japan they really i reckon need to

8:59have a CT there before that i'm still four years away but just the Indian

9:05arrows in Rio are not the Olympics little boy here 2020

9:10yeah yeah for any 20 yeah are we still gonna be sick you would you be keen on

9:14doing that

9:15yeah she did yeah oh yeah what would you rather restraining old or if it's

9:19overlapping this contest would rather win the gold or would you rather win

9:24this contest I'd rather than the goal

9:25yeah I would go home and I would melt it down and sell it

9:29those things . alright yeah ok I just gets inside

9:34yeah like you are not for it quickly complete going to be pure gold it has to

9:38be home then be sick to see you in the Olympic something and then the funny in

9:43Japan like I was like all the Japanese guys like it will be Jane the olympics

9:47in 2020 and I'm like well there's something there to be 78 maybe yeah you

9:52could easily get good i told jay i told you that days I don't really get ya

9:58start training maybe right now right now get it home

10:02yes Ella and that'll be sick

10:06where was i before that

10:08you told ya gonna be I talked about Lana Lana you that was your love life yeah

10:15and so that's all going good huh that's right

10:19that is great no babies on the way now I think so yeah you have another call up

10:26and home

10:27yeah but yeah but that's great

10:31probably in the future that how you like this and really I'm yeah yeah sure

10:36that's great that's really good to see you guys really happy

10:39yeah it's cool thanks man no worries see myself you yes yeah myself yeah I've

10:45just found out that I'm having another baby

10:47yeah what did I tell ya know shits gonna tell me no it's a kid

10:52yes congrats thank you yeah i'm just as 12 weeks we had the skin on that just

10:59before gonna play inside the 12 weeks game where you can see but barber and

11:02they test for everything and everything was sweet that it was all good at is the

11:07neck skin will be 20 weeks yeah stacked that's so cool

11:10yeah that'll be just got five kids I've got to sew them there will be eight

11:15wow that's so cool yeah and they also yeah i'm actually met

11:21yeah I know Jess and I just yeah she sold a lot of her her car

11:25I don't know what ya never tell you about that we were you know that was

11:30like two years ago maybe

11:32yeah yeah but what cap she doesn't look at a car dealership

11:35no she doesn't like it she saw the Terracotta her old car yeah yeah she's

11:40got this rock are like two years ago know what yeah that's our sort of bolt

11:43of that now that well you did there

11:45although this is awesome no good metal-on-metal I kids yet jasmine and

11:50grace and they're beautiful kids beautiful kids

11:53what's that gray she raced here because our media her pattern that shit all the

11:57kids with was talking and tell the kids dark like like my boy Jay and Jenna and

12:03obviously Justice blonde so we get some weird looks when we're cruising and more

12:07wet ones that we need to seal those kids from we get weird looks funny ideas

12:11really yeah we did to yeah but it's fun right we gotta surf and would like a

12:17diverse in like its foot so funny that's what I got ya

12:21manjae's got so much of his your personality has its crazy em feel like I

12:27when I talked to him i'm talking to like it

12:2935 year old man yeah I kind of like double look sometimes yeah I get down

12:34there what is he like there's no change since it is yeah I'm back to the keep

12:40the interviewer okay and don't know that that's what we're totally allowed to do

12:43that but I'm your second time World Junior title ya on that one

12:48karama again had it on a string like you'd like

12:52yeah everything you download this work out perfect that is that like out and

12:56did you feel like that was a laptop for you you're probably gotten better since

13:00state and yeah that was a while yeah I guess he kind of like don't stop

13:03improving now ya know ya how are you know 2424 yeah yeah no I know I yeah I

13:11was always just like it that's the thing with the world junior event it's only

13:15one event

13:16yeah right it doesn't really prove that much you didn't have the best during

13:20that event

13:21yeah and then your world champion yeah like that the the safety whether it's

13:25multiple events in one event

13:27yeah magic 42 was like that you just yeah why we're going world champion of

13:32the world it's gonna be one event in the Olympics senior when you gonna be wit

13:36yeah you probably really well jail you will but yeah that event and that event

13:41was cool because like the first the first what you need championship I feel

13:46like I don't even deserve the win

13:47yeah I won the further in a later i want ya one crime is but about two events one

13:54in one in Karama's and when it never been I've never been i was yeah okay

13:58yeah i was like the first date I think they've ever done to em and it was that

14:03was hoping that was the first night of the year they ever done to you know

14:05pretty sure what's your favorite event like CT or any event do you think

14:11probably anything with Indonesia in it but in any event indonesia yeah just

14:19places this whole flat white magnets

14:23mm no I mean always good white yeah I don't like I don't like Snap is an

14:27amazing event


14:29both years I've done it hasn't been the greatest that so makes me a little sad

14:34yeah i really wanted to like be snapping up with all that anyone was crazy like

14:40Snap is pretty temperamental I also i'm pumping first like three months before

14:44the content always good when it comes on it is shotsie and get your shine in its

14:49lightweight . been going to you again it's got like snapper that's to be like

14:55the most consistent wife in the world yeah like we're so hormonal to the

14:58quickie priorities but it doesn't like it not that it used to say I yeah

15:03absolutely when you want to but i'm going to and it's like that dickheads

15:07onto her yeah I was like right about sounds like the best wife in the morning

15:10everyone comes like really but that doesn't make it less ground it's been

15:16all my gallery then and handle the crowds i don't even surf there anymore i

15:21don't see that much I never do I say every time that I generally see you here

15:25I got mind I mean I live right there and i'm not sure but dropping their so yeah

15:29I just it really wide and then yeah oh well yeah let's go with a smile on your

15:34face and usually it works out yeah you gotta kind of work you're like you and

15:38you make and joel and dingo a good idea at that status we're just like are these

15:44voice yeah

15:45oh wait work your way out to that is that it's because I'm so this like that

15:49kid tryna status if that's funny

15:53ok and general general through a question that chair yeah what's your

15:56favorite do you call and if you do what's your favorite food took ah Joe

16:01wants me to take him on a date anymore I don't don't go now I do call i do a

16:08little bit not too much that long does most of the cooking what a kook is like

16:17a sweet potato salad with like kale and broccoli

16:20well yeah and avocado sometimes a little bit of salmon that's your go-to dish you


16:28it's really good yeah at that when so at the end of ya

16:38the two are ya when you're surfing create finishes do you know what you're

16:41gonna do it way too young i guess to think about that every thought yeah I

16:45guess that's one of those questions like what are you gonna do in the next five

16:48years kind of questions that I count-out like you got an answer now

16:52oh I don't know man i really like hopefully move too quiet

16:58yeah yeah saturday on ya some property over there and just kind of ping-pong

17:04between let me know australian and quiet

17:09I don't know they haven't popped the question yet then no no not even now I

17:14it's like I've thought about it a half years

17:18yeah always for you because you thinking about it yeah for sure right

17:22yeah good I don't know I'm just I'm just taking it as it comes

17:26yeah I get some signs i guess i'll do it but there's plenty of songs in Hawaii is

17:31talking about it everywhere is that that's why I try to stay away from the

17:35boy away right now

17:36no that's cool so what else like I'm Tahiti

17:44yep any questions out there

17:47Gold Coast will get a big crowd watching the moment it's just only my third

17:52podcast but we seem to get crowds like watching me do it I don't know why are

17:56you going to get going to get like a studio for this and let's set up at on

18:00the goalie or some the studio yeah maybe yeah maybe pretty sick

18:05it would be i am hoping this into a few podcasts lightly yeah and you don't mind

18:14too much just some of them are a little long for my liking sir I a hundred

18:18percent so I'm yeah so that's why I won't keep you too long we've got a

18:24sunset to watch and noted real visit the term Parkinson's it waiting for us down

18:30the line there and

18:31we got a beautiful sunset it's just about to set so thank you jack

18:35thanks are clean on the third car down the three top 48 made a laser it's

18:39really it's a pleasure for me to have you

18:41thanks brother and yeah we'll see you guys next time