• Occ-Cast Episode 5 featuring Creed McTaggart

Occ-Cast Episode 5 featuring Creed McTaggart

On episode five of the podcast, Occy is joined by free surfer Creed McTaggart. The boys talk about their recent trip to Israel, Creed joining the World Tour, music and Creed's future hobby.

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0:02but I was cool and welcome to another

0:14rock cast of awkward cast and I'm i'm

0:18lucky enough to have one of my favorite

0:20humans create McTaggart thank you

0:22created for coming and joining me on the

0:24your car stereo hey baby I mean

0:28goodnight very good about recently just

0:31got home and I've just been relaxing and

0:34so a little bit just hang out hang out

0:38it's been good because we didn't have a

0:39trip together to Israel and I'm and we

0:42parted together and you went to bally

0:44yeah and I was valley Valley was good

0:47went over there with a scary and car he

0:53and Tyler Warren and we we sort of just

0:59after and barley and chungu and

1:01Christmas and it's pretty crowded and

1:04stuff but we got a couple of ways here

1:06and there it and and yeah we had a good

1:09time has lots of laughs and not to be is

1:12and small fun wise says control and I'm

1:16weekend assignment Israel yes he was

1:18that trip that was a good trip

1:20yeah i'll never forget that shit never

1:22before never with trailer is beautiful

1:24in the dead straightaway in the dead sea

1:26ya covered in mud

1:27oh I people that way too far you did it

1:30was that make all the military they

1:33could integrate you're in trouble always

1:35in trouble because I didn't hear you

1:37guys laughing on my family I just going

1:40on I'm coming out too far though it was

1:42a boy but it was a balloon was going out

1:44on my are just got to the balloon or

1:46something that's not a boy and there

1:48goes the lobby been like I came back and

1:51the guys i have a lot of guys like what

1:53are you doing here that will free candle

1:55into Jordan into another country

1:57I'm sorry about that no one's ever gonna

2:00move all you had to say the balloon I

2:02decided to look love how you came into

2:04your lap

2:05only answer is to blend and then you get

2:07it and popped it and put it in your


2:09it was rubbish required updates a lot it

2:12was just one else is gonna do it without

2:14was gonna do it was gonna stay there

2:16forever of freaking out but in was good

2:19that was a good trip I love Israel

2:21that's my second time there and first

2:24time when there was in and generate

2:26couple years ago without Craig Anderson

2:29and and Dion ages and josh kerr ok and

2:34we waited for like three months for like

2:37a SWAT account so three months three

2:40months yeah we find out yeah and until

2:43when the swell here we flew over

2:45yeah and I thought you're waiting there

2:47for no I wish I would love to be there

2:49without a doubt

2:51yeah whatever therefore i think was 10

2:53days and we actually got some really fun

2:54lies or better yet wintertime so it's a

2:57bit cold up in weight easy there's a bit

2:59rainy and stuff so this time was

3:01different you know it's pretty hot

3:03actually what's more like a desert this


3:07what did didn't especially down there

3:09when we went down to details i hate

3:11hundred maybe sunless sea level that was


3:13yeah and I said 40 47 degrees on the

3:16hanging here is definitely greater water

3:19was a place already

3:20oh yeah and you get to me and I'm not at


3:24oh also I was gonna believe you did that

3:26was sweaty and I was like that way back

3:29just gone am I gonna make it I'm like

3:31sweating and like put your head under


3:34yeah LT no that's all I want to do the

3:38good work

3:39it was a lookout um so I'll on the part

3:43off from Israel

3:45yeah I've got you on my balcony on the

3:47Gulf Coast thanks how did no worries on

3:50way by Reuters right babe looking at the

3:53snapper rocks you are originally from my

3:56River that


3:57and you have moved to the arm to the

3:59north coast time will be there and by

4:01now what made the move

4:03oh well I didn't come out here since I

4:08was little crummy yeah and doing the

4:11rocky ground cards my daddy's coming

4:14here and and then I it's just kind of

4:17hard a hard traveling so I'm fine

4:21yeah like 80 s is there's a three-hour

4:24drive to earth and then you know 50 flat

4:27to hear whatever and then you know

4:29yeah it's a bit far away and I i just

4:34made a bunch of good friends down in a


4:38Toby Cragen is one of them and he's out

4:41i do that you know makes of movies and

4:44stuff with the any minute now and yeah

4:46he's a good friend of mine and and yeah

4:48just I started just sort of fell into a

4:50good group of friends and had a really

4:53good time and my friend Dion ages he was

4:55a he was away and he said I could a

4:58state his house and just sort of asset

5:01for a couple months so I did that and

5:03and ya know ya just sort of started and

5:06i lived in on you know on catches for

5:09about a year and then and now lived in

5:13Toby's are moving to Toby's addict he

5:15had like this addict in the top of his


5:17mhm and you'd have to climb is sketchy

5:20Attica up to this that sort of sketchy

5:22ladder up to the attic and it's like

5:24controller and I couldn't even stand out

5:26there's no windows and there's all just

5:29someone's stuff everywhere like this

5:31shit everywhere and it was just nasty

5:34and there's no lie and I had like a

5:37little to yoga mat mattress and I lived

5:39in there for about six months and then I

5:41fan down sort of doing throughout this

5:43staff and I fan the smaller team if

5:48someone's ashes in it in a little note

5:50so yeah I was actually living with a

5:54dead God that I didn't even know that

5:56and then after I found out about the

5:58dead garside did not

5:59dance right now yeah yes I get had a

6:03couple not terrorists

6:04you had one that not all men I have them

6:08all the time but I'm i didn't like just

6:11different nightmares but you know that

6:13sounds super we did you find out that

6:15the God one so now that i'm talking now

6:17when you and ashes just found the ashes

6:21in the shaft in there and then i moved

6:24yet and end up

6:27yeah finally getting the room and start

6:30paying rent and and then you

6:35mm and then you should know that's crazy

6:38create because you see I like so

6:40free-spirited login nothing that are

6:42like a question that I probably haven't

6:45asked you I'm like as friends but I'm

6:48going to ask you on the outcast is I'm

6:50you know it's watching your surf in

6:53Israel and down and you talked about

6:55doing the aki kon Kon having completed

6:58since no and I'd now you are so good

7:01enough to be on that 82 and you don't

7:05want to do it for everyone

7:06I don't know now probably not i have all

7:10day now i'm 22 it says no to qualify is

7:15there is that I'm is ever in your mind

7:19and they have to do it maybe not i shy

7:24and I like the tour back in the day when

7:26you were doing it that's a more


7:28yeah I feel like the two I don't really

7:31think I don't fit that well on there i

7:33mean i love you know watching Jack and

7:36ryan m on the you know doing the

7:39constant staff and seeing them reappear

7:41in and it be read to you know join them

7:43and do that but I'm just having too much

7:47fun doing I'm doing and I'm pretty

7:48content and and yeah I don't think I


7:53no not at the moment not in the new

7:56chapter in the near future and got some

7:58other things on a date

7:59maybe yeah just a couple years ago

8:01changa while living living behind

8:04everyone's of me okay yeah well they're

8:07jose and yeah but I'm yeah I'm not even

8:11maybe one day I get a little bit i get a

8:14little bit scared around server console

8:16and I say it again get a little bit of

8:18anxiety and the area of it

8:21everyone's looking at ya and ya you're

8:23the man and left like an hour

8:25you're not the main what you can hit

8:27gonna say that but I'm gonna just watch

8:30the US Open last night and I'm we had

8:33fully 80 laid out like in 124 was you're

8:36sure you didn't watch it no did he just

8:39you know is doing what you can do it

8:41like a reverse and like in high river

8:44sand a 24 wife and your back later on

8:46points and you can win a hundred

8:48thousand dollars i know where their

8:51money is money would be you know you can

8:54never complain about a bit of money no

8:57matter anyway but i'm actually heard

8:59ethan ewing got even one second actually

9:02anything to get second larger easy-out

9:05feel like team rider for billabong is

9:07not he's been on a serious roll

9:09yeah he's won every single junior event

9:11and ours

9:12yeah and then he way to the US I made

9:15the final well I think what knocked out

9:17in the same ease in the Junior is over

9:19there but he made the final which is way

9:21better and dumb and now he's sitting

9:23second on the on the qsr writings no hay

9:27sitting sick and so I don't think he's

9:30young is young

9:31yeah now does it

9:35718 when somebody's gonna have to make a

9:38big decision cause you probably qualify

9:41this year and there is talk that he

9:44Martin take this work because he's too


9:46yeah I'm thinking take the spot it's the

9:49Winchesters takeaways well I can come

9:52again yeah

9:53and you get to safeway bit away

9:54otherwise they get to watch you know I

9:57get to watch all the boys share that

9:59yeah be good it will be good so I'm

10:02moving on from that you're what you're

10:05doing at the moment the relaxation

10:07community-focused through that

10:09yeah yeah and how do you spell it it

10:11sounds it's real just the AL space and

10:17then acts huh ax8 doesn't really mean


10:21we are made a lot means a lot that yeah

10:23it's sam the proofs in the pudding

10:25really i'm just going to watch the yeah

10:27the old roommate

10:31see now I'm you know is basically go to

10:35surf places of destinations

10:38I'm trying to just document kind of like

10:44a diary ish kind of you know day-by-day

10:47kind of movies where you just sort of

10:51hanging out with the night and it's

10:52system you know it's not just about the

10:55high fire shredded and or whatever it so

10:57you know the good times and the journey

10:59that you do when you when you go on surf

11:03trips and and yeah i mean i'm a Toby

11:06Cragen he's a world-famous and surf

11:10movie makeup and he he makes the movies

11:13and and we sort of need and we do it a

11:17bit together you know he obviously I'm

11:19directed a little bit and and it and you

11:23know edited all editing and and but yeah

11:27it's fun it's good and yet to go you

11:29know to new places the best my favorite

11:31we did with grabbing from margaret river

11:33bottom back and we did that last year

11:36which way did you get started in

11:39Maggie's yeah and that's the novel and

11:41we cross another board we did over about

11:43a month and yeah we were in Maggie's in

11:48the ways of pumpkin

11:49we got like a wake of amazing waves and

11:52then we'll actually do it like maybe

11:55Drive yeah man should we make the drugs

11:57we start going like having that we

11:59hadn't been for awakening and then

12:01there's just

12:02we need to back her and so one night and

12:06Dana address needs dad finance yeah

12:08those cars in melodies and he bought a

12:13cop and I know he goes yeah i got this

12:15land cruiser there and it's bad

12:176 grand and we have you know a little

12:20bit money so we chipped in we bought car

12:22then the next day we just let your on we

12:25didn't look at a chart or anything and

12:27we didn't know where we were going at

12:29all and we just drove and drove and then

12:32we have the car didn't make it it made

12:34it still got it

12:35no way yeah you got everybody yet and

12:38yet on my way

12:39and yeah she's gonna strongly some new

12:41wheels and maybe an oil change but

12:43please get better and yeah my mom and

12:46that yet that was a lot of fun and I

12:49think yeah

12:50Australia's is definitely my favorite

12:52place in the world I would really want

12:54to yes the traveling is fun too but I

12:57always get a little bit more excited

12:59when I'm coming home

13:00sure I haven't done that I mean I've

13:02never done a little wine or so is rock

13:05or anything and yeah we did get see the

13:07rock but next inside create tell us a

13:10little bit about your band wash ya kids

13:13if you fight we play

13:16I don't know no no I was dragged yeah

13:18but now we played but lately we've only

13:20been about it yeah and we we we did a

13:25couple waited tour with the skates which


13:29Ben Toby place based on that then iron

13:33down so he let us open up for then

13:38actually knows been between us call the

13:39peanuts that we were opening up for in

13:41there was like yeah we did tour with

13:43them and then we did a little to our

13:45with the guns down and that was fun and

13:48I think all that we've probably about 40

13:51or 50 gigs okay yeah what kind of music

13:54and it's just I guess kind of punky

13:59maybe it's hard to say on that I would

14:02be nice to be punk

14:04I mean he and it's kind of where we're

14:06going but say we don't know how to play

14:08our instruments at work so I'm still

14:10learning but I'm it's been hated fun and

14:13that's something that I'm you know that

14:16yet live moving out of the barn and a

14:19meeting i'm both Austrian nls serotonin

14:22and and then started the band with them

14:25then too

14:27yeah that's something that sort of come

14:29from I guess moving over i realized in

14:31now and yes it's funny you know it's

14:33something else something else to do and

14:35put your energy into and we we try to

14:39record we did record we recorded it for

14:42songs and then we put it on man can then

14:46we hear that then can be so I think that

14:49being can't wash 123 @ then came back


14:53ok and therefore free but you can give

14:56us money if you want but we're not doing

14:58it for the money at all that a ya just

15:01hate fun and we won't try to record

15:02again because that's the fun part of it

15:05and and yeah it's fun to sort of get up

15:08on stage and free big lad and this

15:11screen right people air I i have not

15:14been fortunate enough to you guys yet

15:16you inviting sydney and I'm yeah i was

15:19actually manly but i have to do that I'm

15:21heritage series comments the next day

15:24without this I didn't get to hear but I

15:27had really good reports


15:29not quite i'm showing realize that

15:32everyone was drunk enough so he probably

15:34loved her i doubt

15:36yeah what about you so far you are yeah

15:39he was thinking well I do and I'm heaven

15:42forever you know

15:45update nothing some precarious positions

15:48in enzyme yeah probably my last one was

15:51our was pulled him on the last big day

15:54out know where and unsaid 60,000 people

15:58yes that got me make money

16:02yeah you will be back sighs you that in

16:05live right on his encore is like enough

16:07to people are watching just make funny

16:09Michael it was like a lot of fries will

16:14have to the stage to be true meet amber

16:16rayne know when I dropped it when I

16:18didn't get any possibly but the red one

16:22I caught that LOL sugar and i went up to

16:26the microphone i was like i was i don't

16:28know if anyone heard me but like you


16:32yeah yeah four months everyone's like I

16:34can't believe you got up with building

16:35that's a nice yeah and it was there that

16:38was like full adrenaline I like to be in

16:41front of that many people

16:42yeah I came down yeah i yeah i'm a shock

16:47for that yr Phoebe's and lucky if

16:49someone wants me to get up and sing a

16:51song check it will lie i will do it yeah

16:53it's good it's good to get it on it is

16:56so much fun karaoke is the best thing

16:58everything ok well thanks trade I'm

17:03found on the past up Hot House lets it

17:07and I had a side

17:10yeah expect to have any yeah it's 20