• Occ-Cast Special featuring 2016 Billabong Pipe Masters Invitational Champion Finn McGill

In this special episode of the Occ-Cast, Occy sits down with 2016 Billabong Pipe Masters Invitationals champion Finn McGill. The 16 year old North Shore native beat a stacked field to earn a spot in the 2016 Billabong Pipe Masters. The boys talk Finn's win and what 2017 holds for him.

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Full audio transcript -


0:02hey guys welcome to the outcast we're in

0:16Hawaii on a very special afternoon it's

0:18really special for this boy idea spin

0:20McGill he just won the pipeline masters

0:23trials and he's gotta walk out into the

0:24main event congratulations Ben thank you


0:27there was your diet was that epic is

0:29really you know suspicion that

0:32semi-funny got a 95 and then the final

0:35you're on fire you got pretty much every

0:37good wife

0:38yeah I mean I was so stoked dollar and

0:40I've been serving out here since I was

0:42like like five years old six years old

0:45so like just small and been working up

0:47for forever and I stoked to finally get

0:52a couple and he like I mean we have a

0:55couple of genius here but it's never

0:56really good yeah right yeah and you are

0:59mine obviously this is the first time

1:00you've made the part masters that you

1:02have completed that he before in junior


1:04yes i have but i mean it's nothing close

1:07to this like yeah it's it's in like kind

1:09of a bad time to yourself

1:11yeah you grew up right here you went to

1:13school across the street yeah I went to

1:14school cross street to sixth grade and

1:16always watching the fight monsters

1:18interior but yeah I remember actually

1:21being in class listening the scores

1:23everybody always says still hooked on

1:25the table now you in the pokémon

1:26masters yeah I'm blue

1:29cool you've actually had a pretty good

1:32season because you made the phone and

1:34HSE the first event

1:35yeah of the season that was really good

1:38your roots if really well at sunset then

1:40thank you

1:41so yeah it's just being a be expected

1:43that it would be this good and damn you

1:46really grew a lot last year and so I'm

1:49you're ready to go I'm yeah I wasn't

1:52expecting that at all actually I was

1:54just like wanted to get into the triple

1:57crown as my main goal yeah and you did

1:59that by qualified bought the heisei see


2:02and i think i only needed

2:03make like to meet in the HSE and then

2:05I'll just kinda after us seats i just

2:07kind of like relax and I was like oh ok

2:10yeah i was gonna have fun and I just

2:11like how had a blast and I'm making the

2:14finals and then did okay i didn't know i

2:17didn't like I was watching what you get

2:19to the quarters all know i'm gonna be

2:21one round off but yeah I had a pretty

2:24fresh weird heat in the second round now

2:27it was just big and nasty and it was big


2:30yeah and it'll cat sunset and come here

2:33and I just wanted it i Swan to catch a

2:35couple waves like yeah it's rare to get

2:38three other guys out here like yeah

2:4130 minutes it's unbelievable so yeah and

2:44so year 16 you still in school i'm home

2:49school your homeschool sorta sorta been

2:51still she had uh huh and you must be

2:55like heavier eyes on the qsr would that

2:57be like next year old are ya so 10-7 I

3:01our April April yeah so I i think i got

3:06in the primes next year so i might be

3:08going to do all those and you know what

3:10you can get a prompt yeah so I'm i think

3:13i'm gonna go and do the the cute game to

3:16you gonna do it yeah I'm real

3:18yeah it's a toast ok yeah side and when

3:22you woke up this morning and you saw the

3:24wives they weren't actually that good

3:25that I kind of got better all day we use

3:27stock that they were running or what did

3:30you think when you saw the way this

3:31morning when you wake up

3:32yeah i mean i woke up i came and drove

3:35down here and i was just watching it and

3:37I was just like are there not gonna run

3:39like yeah it's not possible i stopped

3:41for like an hour just watching it like

3:43just in case and then

3:44re no space came down and was talking to

3:47us seems like do they're gonna run like

3:49it's gonna get better at like nine ish

3:51and I like they have to run basically

3:55yeah so I started getting ready just

3:58kind of went out there about got a

4:00couple ways to take a couple turns like

4:02we always like he ate and first round so

4:04I was just kind of cruising watching and

4:07then by my heat got super good and just

4:09like yeah and I was so pumped up

4:13I mean just to get a couple ways nobody

4:15out is just amazing like it is so rarely

4:19even get it out there like 20 guys

4:22yeah the other guys so like three other

4:24guys unbelievable

4:25it's like everywhere that comes in this

4:27basically yours like it pretty much it

4:30yeah and you're working with that

4:32priority system yeah which is epic

4:33yeah and I'm your bill bond right i have

4:37only been running for billabong two

4:39years so you said that eyes of january

4:43two years until they're gonna be stuck

4:45with that I mean it was your day today

4:46and like far out was that how much money

4:50did you win i think i won 10 grand today

4:53yeah Nicki that's gonna help on the qsr

4:56yeah a little bit

4:58they're all right to her and so your

5:01goals adjusted trying qualify next year

5:03like it's not your maid I'm reckon it's

5:05really possible i'm gabriel myself

5:08qualified at 17 years old that I wish

5:12you all the best of luck with that

5:13thank you and I'm your parents into


5:17oh yeah my parents are down the beach a

5:19little bit around to the carpenters

5:21house and I did yeah so they were just

5:23talking to them for a while and then I

5:26think they went home because they had

5:27their to meet with some people at our


5:30okay I'm just cruising yeah yeah get

5:33that smile off your face

5:34I care yeah that's the whole time said

5:39tomorrow it might be on what are you

5:41gonna do tonight they wanted anytime i'm

5:44really tired right now

5:45I what I started getting like crabs

5:47himself in my last year its kind of

5:49tired and beat but i'm so stoked i mean

5:53i'll probably wake up with so much

5:54adrenaline tomorrow just seeking you

5:56wake up yeah it happen

5:58yeah because I didn't believe it

6:00tomorrow and I'm just starting to be in

6:03five masters I can't even believe that

6:05I'm just baffled child

6:08Tom all-time well thanks for being on

6:10the outcast and i wish you all the best

6:12of luck

6:13thank you are in the contest thank you

6:15yeah and I'm good luck with your

6:16qualification they see it to thank you

6:18i'll be watching yeah and I really

6:20really think you can make it and you've

6:22got a big future boy

6:23thank you so much thank you that's your

6:26cast and we'll see you guys next time