• Occ-Cast Special featuring 2016 World Champion John John Florence

Occ-Cast Special featuring 2016 World Champion John John Florence

In this special episode of the Occ-Cast, Occy sits down with 2016 World Champion John John Florence in Tahiti to discuss John John's time in Tahiti, big wave surfing and whether or not John John thought he could win the World Title this year.

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Full audio transcript -


0:02yeah it's um here in Haiti with John

0:16John Florence it's the outcast number 5

0:18thanks so much John for joining me know

0:20where is really appreciate it going to

0:22let you know I'm i flew all the way from

0:24Australia Australia to interview you

0:26know what I get all my pressure that the

0:29other pressures on

0:30yeah no pressure here i'm so stoked to

0:33have you here was a yes so i'm good heat

0:37today you had yeah like our 29

0:40yeah it's around yeah i was super

0:43soakers just really slow so it's just a

0:45matter of being that rhythm to be on

0:46those right one so that was really fun

0:49to be in that rhythm

0:50yeah you got the two waves as the day

0:51yeah that was that school was epic

0:54it seems to like just turn on fear I was

0:56pretty smokin but first happy to hear

0:57that was pretty slow actually it was

0:59like a long way and I was like okay this

1:01is gonna turn into a little battle and

1:03then it just started pumping though II

1:05and so that was that was awesome and I

1:07think it was Kelly sitting in he's gonna

1:09be like that's really slow and he's like

1:11what you maybe just got to not mind

1:12yeah exactly yeah I love that but I'm

1:16you've got to be the most adverse surfer

1:18in the new millennium like you won the

1:20ati catalyst year and like what you're

1:23doing on the wsl and your last movie was

1:26just unbelievable so you just cover

1:29covering it all does it just come

1:31naturally to you all this stuff for you

1:34know I know I did you ever serve one

1:36night before that a little bit all

1:38yeah you know the big wave thing is

1:40pretty cool just grab and Hawaii your

1:42kind of just born into it I guess you

1:44know it's every winner the when I was

1:47younger we have a lot of winners like

1:48that seems like we're it's just constant

1:49big swells and I mean it was either like

1:52just figure out how to surf it go surf

1:54or not surfing at all

1:56yeah and so and it's always some days

1:58there's nowhere else two separate yeah

1:59you know the each other why marriage

2:01some of the outer reefs and so and

2:03you and your friends kinda like today's

2:05the day let's go try why me out today

2:06and then you just get bigger and bigger

2:08and bigger and yeah Justin three young

2:10kids we can always just stepping up i

2:12got ya you get a bunch of friends at

2:14levis if he plays too

2:15yeah it's really cool little our whole

2:17little crew is just everyone's just so

2:18so come big waves and especially coming

2:20to these last couple years of rounds

2:22really been pushing the bar and

2:23something my brother's been getting some

2:25crazy ways out here yeah nathan and then

2:27color often--and UI and those guys and

2:29it's cool because we have a nice little

2:31team set up from the waves are big and

2:33like safety for each other and chr off

2:36and go and it's nice because when we go

2:38out and the waves like that we can go

2:40choose any one of our research we want

2:42and we have our team set up there and

2:43we're ready to go and we're pretty

2:44self-sufficient on it so it makes it is

2:46really fun

2:48I don't know it's tributes like I like

2:50the preparation of all the big wave

2:51stuff and so just having my friends and

2:54just preparing everything that is really


2:55yeah he always wave a SAT there all I'm

2:58we everywhere that's inflatable that you

3:00did yeah and so that's a big confidence

3:03but I mean those things you know you

3:05hear about going out a lot like either

3:07blowing up or not pulling her stuff does

3:10happen and you see people there nowadays

3:12like random guys that I've never seen

3:14that before just come out with a flat

3:16best on there like I got this mess i'm

3:17good to go

3:19it in that one my light you'd have to be

3:23like the youngest to ever win one I that

3:26but windy okay oh yeah

3:30by far but you must have been a world

3:32with uld now 23 23 so you like 22 now

3:36those this year 2300 just yes we know

3:39yeah yeah yeah yeah and you had like

3:41Claude at catalina and he's like 66 oh

3:44my gosh it was so crazy yeah that does

3:47one of the best days of my life just

3:48really just the house everything kind of

3:50turned out and stuff and you know we had

3:52the idiot called before the week before

3:54that that didn't run woke up in the

3:56morning is flat and really okay yeah and

3:59then it crazy enough like it ran the

4:01next week and so we're just like wow

4:03this is cool idea i was kind of super

4:05nervous deserving it and then once you

4:07get out there you get a couple waves and

4:08students cry calendars like was not only

4:11getting close outset the head you kind

4:13of get into the rhythm of it on ya and

4:16so it was cool just to be out there

4:18serving of my heroes and you know some

4:20of my best friends

4:20yeah absolutely i'm so back to the wsl

4:25he's sitting in second right now

4:28yeah and you're not far off like about

4:304,000 i mean i don't know i mean i'm not

4:33putting them on your anything about how

4:35you can win World titles and I'd insist

4:37about how many are maintained year

4:38almost taste it like Willet think you

4:41know can't happen acad think I'm yeah i

4:43think you can happen this year I've just

4:45kind of been its competition such a

4:47funny thing for me because I i love free

4:49surfing almost just as much and so

4:51competing i'm trying to find this happy

4:53balance of how to deal with the pressure

4:55of it you and so right now sitting in

4:57second not too far off first and we saw

4:59this whole second half me to go i have

5:02been thinking about that much to be

5:03honest I just like kind of putting that

5:04away and just focusing on just the

5:06contest that are coming at ya Joe and

5:08this year I've put a lot more time and

5:10effort into each event as to just like

5:13kind of going into style I'm it's a

5:15hideous sick like you know I've been

5:16feeling looking into the heat strategies

5:19and stuff

5:20one more on that side it seems like it's

5:21working out well yeah so I think it is

5:23to me because you even more than anyone

5:26you spend so much time free so if you

5:28don't like making video clips and

5:29there's like this guy's I mean I'm

5:32excited for example that he won't even

5:33surfing between event yeah totally

5:35opposite to you

5:36yeah it's pretty crazy I'm and I can see

5:38where Kelly and everyone would get that

5:40you know you want to rest and you want

5:41your body to be like perfect million

5:43that you want especially nowadays like

5:45it's like it seems like every year about

5:47charges gets gnarly and other everyone's

5:49getting finding new little things and

5:51getting 12 with it and just watching

5:53like you know gave and Adriana on your

5:55Mac and you know those guys they're so

5:57like just one second so let me write

6:01operation yeah and that makes that you

6:03see that you see how it works to their

6:05second system

6:06yeah like you watch I've been watching

6:08make a lot and he's just so like just to

6:10the tea every time just search perfect

6:13so I kind of took a little bit of that I

6:15was just like I want to try to do this

6:16yeah it's been fun for me because I did

6:18the whole movie thing

6:20and that was a cool thing in my life I

6:23wanted to do that and then now moving

6:25into the contest side of things like a

6:27whole different thing

6:28perfect timing because that movie coming

6:29out now you sit in second still got a

6:32long way of the year list so you can do

6:34that yeah let me yeah it was accident

6:35the last couple of years making that

6:37movie was pretty stressful and you're

6:39going to an event going straight to a

6:41freezer trip and changing your whole

6:43mindset of how surface stuff and this

6:47year it's been nice and I go home take a

6:49little break and I start preparing for

6:50the next event and then I get here and

6:52I'm just resting and just surfing from a

6:53heat and you had a little bit of

6:54practice here in there and it's it's

6:58been nice actually I think that whole

7:00movie thing really has made it easier

7:01almost yeah yeah the classic time I

7:05actually was in hawaii in this year in

7:08February I don't think we caught up with

7:09each other but are but there was one day

7:11and I don't know this is random because

7:13he said your day but armed with the

7:15build our house and was helping on short

7:17was like 68 yeah and I'm you've done the

7:19hugest backflip yeah I remember that

7:21remember they were screaming for the

7:23billabong here was unbelievable and like

7:25my Sunday boy and everyone watching I'm

7:28like and they're like all them pictures

7:29like you kidding me in like you're done

7:32a couple I mean what you down the big

7:34back would be down another crazy here

7:36but I'm you do remember that after he

7:37had really afternoon for sure you don't

7:39get wins that often yeah I guess what

7:41kind of weed in wins and when I I think

7:44back doors and amazing how just has the

7:46ball do and everything

7:47no I'm always out there if it's kinda

7:48wins and sir and it's cool cause there's

7:50not too many people out yeah it was no

7:51no the one week after another you are

7:54always sweet that was so nice thanks

7:56John nowhere really appreciate it and do

7:58that in the contest thank you have you

8:00in there so much


8:05long one