• Parko and TB In France

If their performances in round one of the Quik pro france are anything to go by, Taj and Parko are back on track after both sucking at Trestles.  The boy's lit up their first heats, winning easily in very shredtastic four foot french beachies. 

TB threw plenty of backside fin and a navigated a squeaky little pipe for a win against Phil Macca and Heitor Alves.  Coming off the worst result of his year (yep, a 33rd) in the US of f'ing A, TB looked happy as hell to avoid the losers round in France and get and early victory. 

After dropping through Hollywood for a Yeah Yeah Yeah's gig and a day at Disneyland post trestles, TB fled America early to settle in at the Mercedes hotel in Hossegor.  He has been dodging french pastries and hunting sneaky banks along the stretch of beach from Cabreton to Le Penon. 
Taj Burrow

Parko jetted in late with the family last night and was up early strapping his ankle before surfing the contest peak in the dark this morning. The hoof is on the mend and he looked sharp against wildcard Gabriel Villeran and Kai Otton.  Throwing powerful backhand hooks on the left, the judges sent a high seven and an eight his way for a solid win.  Still 1000 points clear of Fanning on the ratings, he could really use at least a quarter final or a semi here in France to keep the momentum going.  He won here in 2006 against Mick, and knows how to read the tricky, tide affected waves here as good as anyone. 
Here's how it went down.  We'll be dropping these clips every few days throughout the Europe leg. 
Music - YELLE
Images -  Kirstin Scholtz & Kelly Cestari