• Parko wins the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast in Solid Conditions at Kirra


The conversation has been spraying around office water coolers for months.

“F#ck, how fit does Parko look? You reckon this is his year? Might put some coin on him for Snapper! “Yeah, I reckon he’s a sure thing, should have seen him at Dbah yesterday, he’s torn to bits.”

The focus surrounding Parko since he won the Triple Crown has been nothing short of sickening, almost unfathomable. Magazine covers, profile pieces all spewed claims that the Cooly kid was more focused and on track than ever before.

They couldn’t have been more on the money, because Parko just won the Quiksilver Pro in some wild looking drainers at Kirra big groyne and is now ranked number 1 in the world.

His semi against Mick Fanning was one for the Guinness books. The long time mates traded 8’s and 9’s before Porky scored a perfect 10 to take the win. It will go down as one as the greatest heats in history, the two long time Kirra locals standing in heaving 6ft foot pits.

The final against breakthrough Brazilian Adriano De Souza was all-academic, Parko got off to a solid start with an 8.80 before sliding into his second perfect 10 of the day. It was combo land for Adriano and the first CT win in three years for Joel.

Early morning training, unbearable stair runs, good diet, relentless surf training and the mentorship of long time pro Luke Egan has culminated in one thing, victory. Joel summed it up nicely to the post final media scrum “It’s going to be a great year.” From where we stand Joel, it certainly does.