• Perfectly Caffeinated

What's the real success to surfing?

Dean Petty & co. attempt to solve this very question as they escape the North Atlantic chill and its cumbersome rubber, en-route to Northern Nicaragua to conduct some good old-fashioned empirical research into the success of surfing. Turns out it’s got nothing to do with what's under your feet, but rather a little brown bean that gets you out of bed in the morning: coffee.

A Harrison Newman Jardine production presented by Billabong, Perfectly Caffeinated is a fun-filled adventure that will be sure to put a smile on your face.

Surfing by: Dean Petty (@buenolife_), Mikey Detemple and Lee Meirowitz

Video by: Harrison Newman Jardine (@creativeharrison)

Music by: Rich Aucoin (@richaucoin)