• Pipe Pro Standouts

Pipe Pro Standouts

This year's Pipe Pro was a toss up in multiple ways. The forecast was for solid swell the entire waiting period, but the winds were problematic for as far as the eye could see. Fortunately, a few days towards the end of the waiting period offered up clean windows for the boys to shine.

For our team, the standouts included Finn McGill(16), Seth Moniz(19) and Griffin Colapinto(18) who all made it to the final day of competition. Finn was coming off of an amazing North Shore season with a Pipe Invitational win, and looking to follow it up with a big result to cap off the season. He'd fall in round four due to a slow heat, but will undoubtedly be back for more. Seth Moniz charged all winter long and continued to do so by ousting Kelly Slater in round 3. Seth's no holds barred approach throughout the event earned him the coveted Todd Chesser Memorial Award. Last but not least, Griffin Colapinto continued to show why he belongs on the World Tour with surfing beyond his years. Critical turns, deep tubes and smart competitive tact were all apart of his overall game. Griff surged to a third place showing and started his 2017 Qualifying Series campaign in an epic way.

We look forward to seeing much more from these three as the year progresses. Also, a huge shoutout to Coach Rainos Hayes for his guidance and continual commitment to helping our team succeed!