• Pow Surfing with Wolle Nyvelt

Pow Surfing with Wolle Nyvelt

In 2006, Billabong rider Wolle Nyvelt began to follow a passion that was derived from snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding. He and friend, Stefan Gruber began crafting the Pow Surfer, a revolutionary board that combines elements from Snowboarding, Surfing and Skateboarding and fuses them into something fresh, progressive, and unique. The board, which they called the Äsmo was crafted from their shaping bay in the Austrian Alps. They managed to combine the bindingless freedom offered through surfing and applied it to the pure and natural glide of sliding down a snow covered mountain.

Äsmo has created a "quiver" to match the ever changing conditions that mother nature can throw at us. Take a look into Wolle's workshop and try out a board for yourself this season.

Visit Äsmo: http://www.aesmo.at/