• Pro Snowboarder Jamie Anderson is in New Zealand and the Weather is Bad

Pro Snowboarder Jamie Anderson is in New Zealand and the Weather is Bad

Jamie Anderson won the opening event of the season; first place in slopestyle at the Burton New Zealand Open. Did you see it? If not watch this video; she starts her run around minute 2. Fast forward if you're in a rush.  Jamie is still in NZ, I guess the weather is awful and she is going to go watch a movie. I know this because I follow her on twitter @Jamie4Billabong. Catch updates from her there...and here, try a read on this q&a below.

What are you up to; where are you?
I'm currently in New Zealand riding pipe and trying to shoot photos; definitely want to learn to ride pipe better and learn some new tricks on jumps, and of course get super healthy and strong before winter...
What are  passionate about outside of your sport?

Making the world a better place; I know it sounds kind of cliche, but honestly things need to change.
What's the best thing about your life right now?
That I get to travel the globe with all my friends doing what I love; I'm so grateful!
Is there anything you want more than anything else?
I don't no; I am pretty blessed and try to think of all the great things I have, not what i don't have.
Describe the ultimate trip?
I think a trip around the world would be pretty amazing! Like literally buying an "around the world ticket" and not really having a plan, just going with the flow-experiencing new places, new cultures, and meeting new people!