• Quick Q&A with Billabong CT surfer Paige Hareb

Quick Q&A with Billabong CT surfer Paige Hareb

Goals and or plans in the next 6 months?
To finish in the Top 3 on the WCT and the WQS; contend for the World Title.

Anything you are passionate about outside of surfing?
I love editing and making little movies of myself and my friends surfing and doing fun things outside of surfing. I also love sports: skiing, snowboarding, tennis, basketball, soccer, squash...anything!

What's the best thing about your lifestyle/sport?
Seeing and traveling the world, meeting new people, experiencing different foods and cultures.

What do you want more than anything else?
Everything!! Ha ha...live, love, laugh, World Title! But ultimately as long as I'm happy and healthy.

Describe the ultimate trip?
Just my mates and I out at a perfect uncrowded wave in warm water and cool drinks at hand.

Keep up with Paige Hareb @ twitter.com/paigehareb

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