• Reubyn Ash - Runaway Part 3

Reubyn Ash:

"Hello and welcome to the 3rd part of my series Runaway. This episode was filmed in California earlier this year by my girlfriend Jonna Kerman.

I decided to head to the USA on my way home from Chile to stay with my friend called Stafford at Hunting Beach, California. The last time I was in California was to compete in a contest when I was a kid. Back then I never really got a chance to check out the place much, so I was stoked to be back again. For most of the trip waves were really small, so I ended up surfing just around Huntington Pier a lot. However, when the swell finally started showing up we headed straight to Trestles, which is a wave I've always wanted to surf. We had 4 or 5 days of head high waves and I was so stoked. I had so much fun in California and I would love to go back again for sure.

The Runaway series is a documentation of all my trips from 2013. The episodes will include Trips from Indonesia, Chile, California, France, Portugal and Spain and UK. I hope you will enjoy them all :)"

Directed: Reubyn Ash
Filmed: Jonna Kerman and Todd Hazeltine
Edited: Tim Boydell
Surfing: Reubyn Ash
Music: RUFUS, Take me
Thanks: Billabong, Stafford Brown, Todd Hazeltine, Dara Yam

Aerial footage from the wonderful guys at Neumann Films, Royalty free stock. If your into film make sure you follow these guys on facebook and youtube.

Music used without permission please contact for removal :
Rufus - TAKE ME - Amazing Album you should check it out