• Robbie Walker and the Billabong Air & Style - Behind the scenes

Robbie Walker just became the first Australian to compete at the Billabong Air+Style in Austria. To preserve his five days at the event for posterity Billabong sent a filmer to follow him around everywhere. Here is the result.


Robbie got the call up to compete in the Billabong Air+Style about a week before the event started, at first he wasn't so sure he wanted to go. Then we talked it over and I convinced him it was a good idea to say yes, 'I'll come and send it with the big doggs'. So he nervously packed his bags and hopped on a plane, when he arrived at the hotel our camera woman (Littlestar Film's Sophie Morawetz) who shot and edited the video meet him and ran through the plan to shoot everything he did. Ha, he didn't even know he was getting filmed for the next five days, ad that pressure to all the nerves of having to compete with the best jumpers in the world at one of the most prestigious events of the calendar and you have Robbie.

After we had a few drinks that night and set his mind at ease the rest of the days were fun, for me and Sophie that is... I think Robbie had fun too actually, but he also wanted to show that he deserved to be there and not just as a last minute call up guy from Australia. And I think he did that, he says it all in this short film, enjoy.