• Salt Water Sirens Series Featuring Lauren Hill

Every athlete will face that moment before the action begins. It’s filled with quiet determination, sharp focus, the sound of blood pounding in her ears. It’s the culmination of years of training, resilience, defeat and success, the moment that defines a champion. Billabong’s Salt Water Sirens series takes an intimate look into the mindset of some of the world’s best athletes. From the experiences that shaped them to the drive that propels them through the dynamic landscape of competitive surfing, Salt Water Sirens is a compelling look into the journeys that transformed these athletes into icons.

For the third installment of Billabong's Salt Water Sirens series we take an intimate look into the refreshing and contagious life of Lauren Hill - from the places she's traveled, friends she's encouraged, coastal environmental needs she's stood for and free-spirited approach to loving whatever life sends her way. Lauren's carefree lifestyle is a reminder to take risks and enjoy nature's simple treasures. Whether it be her hometown beaches of Florida or the world-class breaks of Australia's gold coast, the ocean has drastically shaped and energized her life and surf style. Style comes from a raw, natural part of a surfer in ways that make them unique. Lauren Hill is a surfer that exudes grace, humility, depth, fun and meaningful direction in all of her expressions. Her style, in turn, gifts those same qualities to the surfing world in a way that is uniquely her own and a treasure for the art of riding waves.

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Collective Digital Cinema - @collectivedigital

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Artist: Jeff Cormack, Song: Run

Artist: Andrew Britton & David Goldsmith, Song: Delicate Touch

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