• Sancho 2.0 web series launches with first episode “West Africa”

Benjamin “Sancho” Sanchis has dropped “West Africa” the first clip of his new web series titled Sancho 2.0 “We had an epic trip with great waves, warm weather and good friends,” said Sancho. “I love those type of surf trips. Where it’s all about the adventure, meeting new people, surfing new waves and having a good time.” Whilst Sancho has been traversing the globe this winter, chasing the El Nino swells in some of the world’s best big wave spots like Jaws and Mavericks, he says the new series will simply reflect his life trying to surf the best waves he can find. “I love the adrenalin and the challenge of surfing big waves,” he says. “It’s one of the driving passions in my life. More than that though, I just love to surf, full stop. With this series it will take in all sorts of waves and all types of locations. There’s no pressure, there’s no massive plan. Only when I have had a trip that I’ve really enjoyed, be it Indo or Tahiti or like this West Africa one, I’ll do a little edit and try to get across the fun we’ve had.” While Sancho won’t reveal the exact location of the first episode, he says it’s a place that combines all the best parts of a great surf adventure. “It was just a mellow place. The surfers there were super friendly, there was reef slabs and beachbreaks, the water was warm. We had a great crew and surfed all day, everyday. It’s a great start to Sancho 2.0. I just hope people out there enjoy it as much as we did.”