• Shane and Greg Win Large at Big Wave Awards

Shane and Greg Win Large at Big Wave Awards

Back to back Billabong Ride of the Year winner, Shane Dorian. Photo: WSL

It was a great Saturday night at the Grove in Anaheim for Shane Dorian and Greg Long. The two walked away with close to $200k in winnings between them, but more importantly they were able to celebrate a historical winter that saw the best big wave surfing ever go down.

Greg Long, your 2016 BWWT Champ. Photo: Jeremiah Klein

Greg Long was awarded with his WSL Big Wave World Tour trophy and check. This was his second BWWT Title, and this year he reigned triumphant with amazing performances at Todos Santos and Jaws.

For Shane, it was a night where all of his hard work and charging throughout the winter truly paid off. Shane was nominated for two Billabong Ride of the Year waves, and ended up with a fourth and first place finish for a massive Jaws barrel(video below) that he made look all too easy. This was Dorian's second consecutive Ride of the Year win, which is a true testament to just how insanely good Shane is.

“Thank you first of all to Surfline and WSL for this,” Dorian said after winning the Surfline Men’s Overall Performance Award. “It is a huge honor as this is probably the hardest award to win and probably the most prestigious because it is not based on one wave or one session. Just to be nominated with these guys is incredible to me. I thought that all nominated had standout seasons. It was just an amazing season, a lot of people had a lot of opportunities, and I’m extremely grateful.”

The night was truly one for the the books, and all who attended were amazed at what a crazy level the world of big wave surfing has been lifted to. Here's to another amazing year of big wave surfing and a great night at the WSL Big Wave Awards!