• Shane Dorian and Benjamin Sanchis Score Ireland

Shane Dorian and Benjamin Sanchis Score Ireland

Footage from Shane and Sancho’s sessions in Ireland.

When Shane Dorian makes a move, you'd better believe he has every reason to do so. That's why when we heard he was heading over to Ireland for a significantly large late-season winter swell, we knew he meant business. And when we say business, we mean the type of business that involves getting shacked on waves of extremely high consequence.

In Ireland, Shane met up with Billabong Europe's Adventure Division including one of Europe's best tube riders/big wave surfers, Benjamin Sanchis. It seemed that Shane had brought with him a bit of the luck of the Irish as he was greeted with clear, bluebird conditions and pumping swell. "I'd been wanting to do a trip to Ireland forever and my first trip did not disappoint!". Both Shane and Sancho tallied up plenty of tube time while many of the core local crew stole the show with insane rides. In the end it was an amazing first experience for Shane and we have a feeling that him and Sancho will be plotting another adventure their soon when conditions are right.