• Sophie Mad To Live & Starting A Business In Surf: How To Be A Freelance Business Owner & Run A Business From The Beach

Sophie Mad To Live & Starting A Business In Surf: How To Be A Freelance Business Owner & Run A Business From The Beach

Many of us harbor secret dreams of living and working more within our passions, whether that’s ocean-side closer to the surf, within the great outdoors connecting more to nature, or simply just not in a classic office-based work environment. Having spent a good portion of my career working in an office for surf magazines and brands, I realized I wanted to live more of the dream I was writing about and working for. Fast-forward a few years and I set-up my own business, Mad To Live Retreats, global surf and adventure retreats for women, and the Mad To Live Blog, a portal for all my work as a journalist for magazines like SurfGirl Magazine & Cooler, and my travel and surf blogs and tips.

The nature of the traditional office-based working career is evolving, with more of us realizing that a more flexible work-life can be possible, and that perusing your passions and being able to work within them realistic. Having developed my skill set at my office-based jobs, and with my vision in mind of what I wanted my working and daily life to look like and a dream to start a business, I made sure I felt confident enough with my skills to go it alone outside a corporate life. Making full use of many digital tools like online forums and workshops to guide digital-working freelancers means there is a full range of accessible tools that help not just with practical advice and guidance, but reaching out to like-minded souls who can give great advice and are on a similar journey.

Creating structure and working towards efficiency in the hours you work means that starting the day with a morning surf before sitting down for a day’s work, or, if you prefer an early working start and having an afternoon surf, means you can set your day and be flexible for an incoming swells or last-minute adventures. I have loved developing my business with its roots and DNA in empowering women and girls through surfing and creative adventure on Mad To Live Retreats and through my writing as a roving journalist, which has seen my freelance working life become a daily adventure. Sharing a love of surf and getting more girls out in the water through the retreats is incredibly rewarding, and though the days can be long, they are always worth it for the stoked-out smiles when I see one of the chicks catch their first ever wave! Every day is different and being able to be flexible and head out for a surf if the waves are good or hot-desk in a different country each month pretty cool, and possible for any budding freelancers. Being bold, prepared and prepared to work hard when pursuing your passions is all worth it when your toes are in the sand with the sun creeping over the horizon sneaking in a surf before work.