• Summer Fruit Platter DIY

Summer Fruit Platter DIY

Food platters are currently a hit and we couldn’t resist making our own with tons of fresh fruits for a tropical, summery and healthy snack. While it seems easy to throw fruits on a platter and serve them as they are, they are a few things to know to make the whole thing much more appealing. Here are the tips to make a visually (and tasty!) stunning fruit platter that is super quick and super easy way.

Shopping list: the fruit platter’s goal is to allow every one to creates their own kind of fruit salad so make sure to have different fruits and topping such as varieties of nuts, whipped cream, honey, chocolate chip, granola, yogurt, spices (eg ground cinnamon, cumin seeds) and desiccated coconut.

Tools: large platter (ours is around 50cm diameter), small bowls (1 per person + extra for toppings), knives, spoons.

Crafting your fruit platter (the fun part):

  • First of all: make sure to choose the place you are going to serve your fruit platter before crafting it!
  • For an appealing fruit platter the biggest fruits have to be in the middle and the smallest at the borders. So start by arranging the big fruit in the center, then add the medium ones and finally small ones close to the sides.
  • Keep your platter rustic: don’t try to place your ingredients in an organized way, the messier the better! Don’t place two pieces of the same fruit side by side and arrange your fruits in different positions.
  • Slice your fruits in different ways: full, cut in half, diced, don’t forget to have fun cutting them not in the usual kind of way (such as we’ve done here with some of the kiwis).
  • Put the messy stuff (aka the toppings) into small bowls and arrange them once you are done with large and medium fruits.
  • Create theme sections with your topping: we’ve done on a kind of “healthy” section (home-made granola, honey and nuts) and “yummy” section (whipped cream and chocolate chips).
  • Fill the blanks with small fruits such as blueberries, freshly diced coconut, raspberries, …
  • And you’re done!