Malia Murphey is the aloha spirit in beautiful female form. Growing up on the soft sands of Oahu, she learned to live life as an expression of aloha; full of love, affection, compassion, mercy, and peace. For this kaikamahine, the ocean was her playground and mother nature was her caregiver. Now, Malia still calls Oahu home, and this island lover realizes her life is one that is made of dreams. Her days are spent at the beach dancing on the waves, swimming with fish, and hanging with friends. If there is one thing that is constant in this surfer’s life, it’s the ocean and the unconditional love and positive perspective it selflessly shares with her. She lives life in the moment, taking pause to appreciate the present; the way her board feels under the roll of a smooth wave or the taste of fresh pineapple. It is in these soft realizations of her island lifestyle that she quietly whispers “pinch me.” Yes, Malia lives a dream life, but it is one that she has manifested. She shares with others the love and light that radiates from within and she humbly gives without expectation. Isn’t that what aloha is all about?