• Surfing's Happy Ending- 'Nothing to Lose' with Ryan Callinan

Surfing's Happy Ending- 'Nothing to Lose' with Ryan Callinan

Photo: Troy Simpson

"It’s Friday night and you and your buddy head out to the bar. The instant you walk in, you catch eyes with a cute little blonde in the corner. Eventually 1:30 rolls around and you’ve got a gut full of pale ale, and to no surprise you haven’t yet mustered up the courage to go spark up a conversation with her. But hey, technically you can’t get denied if you never go talk to her right? Your precious batting average stays intact, right?

Saving face is an alluring instinct for most of us — we all do it to some extent. It’s a way for us to avoid a ding to our fragile pride. And if you never put your honest effort into something, your work can never truly be criticized. You always keep that crutch of “I know I could do better, I just didn’t feel like trying” in your back pocket to support your apathy — it’s a painless scapegoat.

Because the easy route is to just sit in the back of the class and never ask questions. Or shy away from talking to that girl at the bar. Or aimlessly sit at your desk all day and frivolously tap away at the keyboard pretending to be making shit happen (which you’ve gotten scary good at). But at the end of the day, it’s those who stick their necks out that get rewarded.

Take Ryan Callinan. The kid never saw a section he didn’t want a crack at. No matter the size, wind, or timing, he’ll chuck the fins and hope for the best. Here, he spins with ambition and you better believe he tried to stomp the landing. It may not have been a make, but damn, you’ve got to admire the effort.

So take note, and go for broke — you’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain. Plus, I think she just winked at you." –Dayton Silva