• Surfing World - Jack Freestone Found the Key to Cold Water Enlightenment

The Hot Lips Wetsuit Guide 2017 is here! Jack Freestone takes on the role of Kung Fu Master and Furnace Carbon wetsuit spokesperson in this video courtesy of Surfing World Magazine. Jack's discovered the key to staying warmer and surfing longer but don't take our word for it, Jack tells you all you need to know in this informative minute and a half.

Want to know more about the Furance Carbon wetsuit? We've got you covered -

1. Carbon Fiber Thermal Lining - The internal carbon yarn layer inside the wetsuit is proven to be more effective at retaining body heat meaning you'll be warmer in the water for longer periods of time. The beauty of using carbon is that it is also going to be extremely lightweight even when wet.

2. Dry stretch material - Our proprietary wetsuit material repels water and keeps you surfing lighter no matter how long your session lasts. The other perk of our unique material? Your wetsuit will be dry faster than other wetsuits on the market so you'll be able to get your wettie on faster and easier when your next session rolls around.

3. DryMax Watertight Entry System - An internal system that keeps water out of your suit is going to keep you lighter, drier and happier. We've built the best water-repelling entry system in the business and if your goal is staying warm, we're confident this is going to help do the job.

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