• Surfline: Behind the Scenes of the Occ-Cast

Surfline: Behind the Scenes of the Occ-Cast

Our friends over at Surfline recently did an in-depth article on Mark Occhilupo's new podcast, Occ-Cast. Occy spent a few weeks on the North Shore this past December where he interviewed some of the biggest names in the world of surfing - think living legends Tom Carroll, Bruce Irons and more - for upcoming episodes of the pod. Some highlights from Marcus Sanders' article -

Occy on his approach to the podcast:

"It's more of a chat. That's the way I'm trying to do it. I was even thinking of throwing it back to them sometimes - I haven't done it yet - but getting them to ask me a couple questions."

Occy on the differences between being on a broadcast and doing a podcast:

"It's not easy, especially at the beginning. I'm hoping they're getting better and better. It's taken a little practice; like learning on the run, really."

When asked for some of the challenges doing a podcast presents:

"I'm so lucky because all the surfers seem like they really want to do it...I'm pretty easy to talk to. I try to hit on something dramatic that's happened in their life and see if they're willing to talk about it."

Read the full article here and if you want to hear all of the Occ-Cast's, visit the Occ-Cast section of the Billabong blog.