• Sylvain Bourbousson and friends in Japan

Froggy In The Trees | Comfort Zone, Ep. 1

The winter started really badly in Europe, so the Almo Films crew decided to head to the promise land in Japan where it’s puking snow almost everyday. They based their efforts on Hokkaido, an island that has rapidly become a snowboarding mecca for the world. Hokkaido's forest are a world-renowned paradise for powder hunters, but this crew was looking for a bit more than just a few tree runs, so they rented an RV and hit the road, scoping nice spots as they went. Jump on the RV with Mathieu Crepel, Morgan Le Faucheur, Enzo Nilo and Sylvain Bourbousson as they go spot hunting in Japan. Froggy In The Trees | Comfort Zone, Ep. 1 - http://www.epictv.com/media/podcast/froggy-in-the-trees-%7C-comfort-zone-ep-1-/601374