• Taylor Godber guide to Whistler

There is a certain energy to Whistler. Something that hooks and magnetizes people from all over the world to turn their vacations into stay-cations that last a week to a decade. A stroll through the Village and surrounding areas, a taste of the endless cuisine, the lit winter walkways blanketed in snow, and most profoundly the top to bottom pow runs. An elixir that will undoubtably capture your soul. That is if you are into that kind of stuff. We here at Billabong sure are.

The Early bird that gets the pow in the morning. What better way to kick-off a rise before the sunshine than local coffee. We do our best to support local businesses here in Whistler and Mount Currie Coffee (https://mountcurriecoffee.com) boasts arguably some of the most delicious creamy espresso in town.

First gondola is must to take advantage of the 3,307 hectares of on-mountain terrain accessible in-bounds. Especially when it has snowed 60 cms overnight. Lucky us, it did!

Local’s only doesn’t ring true in a tourism business supported destination, but if you’re shown a spot, don’t be too quick to share it with just anyone. There aren’t many secrets left on the mountain, but we wouldn’t be able to tell you if there were.

With 11.74 m of snowfall annually there is lots to go around, but understand that there is a reason for the hustle in town when it snows. The experience of surfy turns in the white stuff is what the locals and tourists feed off of. It shifts the psyche in the entire town.

Whistler is Home to one of our hubs which is located on the Village Stroll. (http://www.yellowpages.ca/bus/British-Columbia/Whistler/Billabong-Whistler/3471804.html). It’s open daily for any mountain and fashion pieces to add to the wardrobe

Fuelling the body after a day on the mountain means nourishing food. Our favourite vegan/vegetarian eats, The Green Moustache. (http://www.greenmoustache.com) Fresh juices and smoothies to cleanse the body and hearty bowls of superfoods to leave you feeling nurtured and satisfied.

Maybe it’s a West Coast thing, but there is a harmonious relationship between play and rest. To help stay attuned after a more physically demanding day there are many options to consider to disconnect and reconnect. We opted for a visit to the Scandinave Spa (http://www.scandinave.com/en/) for some hydrotherapy.