• Team riders Fitness tips - Part1

Richard Marsh, Billabong surf coach : «Cross training has revolutionized the old fashioned and sometimes boring, continuous routines that we used to associate exercise with. Training is now either specifically targeted to the competitive sporting arena or for the everyday person with an active lifestyle. With such an array of training methods, exercise can never again be dubbed a chore, rather fun and challenging.»

What would be the best training for surfing ? «Jump rope is an excellent warm up, jack knives for abs (but all sit ups are good for the core), split squats for legs, add in a medicine ball to make them more difficult, one legged wall throws with a medicine ball (good for balance and power), push ups on a fit wall, burp's are another great one for surfing and lots of stretching !!»

What role does training play in your life ?

Laura Enever : I'm always very active, I surf everyday and even though I believe the best training for surfing is surfing I also love mixing up my training with running , strength training and lots of stretching.

Frankie Harrer : Training plays a pretty big role in my life I train with my trainer quite a bit.

Laura Crane : Training for me is something i can not live with out if i have things getting me down the only thing that makes me feel better is to go sweat it all out and give my self a fresh mind.

Josephine Costes : Training is really important and has a big place in my life.

Ellie-Jean Coffey : A huge role.

Lauren Hill : I haven't really ever had a formal training regime, but I love to stay active even when I'm not surfing by doing yoga, hiking, playing running games with my dog and exploring rocky headlands.

Tessa Thyssen : I think it’s important to train, to be physically ready is 50% of your surf, so it’s a pretty big role in my life.

Justine Dupont : I train every days. I have big dreams so I give myself the means to get there and it goes necessarily through training.

Alessa Quizon : ?

Felicity Palmateer : Training is so important to me because I have to keep fit to be able to surf the best that I can. I also love to do it because I feel so much better when I know that my body is in good shape.

Courtney Conlogue : Training for me is used to help fine tune my fitness for surfing and life. I want to be the healthy and in my best physical shape. I never want to feel like I’m not strong enough to conquer the surf. Even though injuries occur with my sport I try my best to prevent them. Hopefully injury isn’t as bad as it might have been if I hadn’t been cross-training.

Keala Kennely : It plays a big role and not just for surfing I think that if u live an active lifestyle and keep yourself fit it gives you more energy, self confidence and mental clarity which has a positive effect on everything in your life.

What do you do to keep in shape ? Why is it important to stay in shape for surfing ?

Laura Enever : I just keep moving. If I'm not surfing I will head to the gym or go running. I eat very healthy lots of fruits and vegetables but I also believe in "everything in moderation" . And I love chocolate! The fitter you are the better you surf! Also know i have put in the work and my body feels great helps mentally!

Laura Crane : I do a lot of running ,cross fit and i love to box with my coach too. it is really important to stay in shape for surfing as you need a lot of strength and power to surf well ,for me its also important to stay in shape for modelling also .

Josephine Costes : To keep in shape I go for a run when I can't surf. I also do long hikes in the forest and I have been dancing since I was little, it's a good way to train with pleasure. It's important to stay in shape for surfing to have more energy and to be able to surf in every conditions.

Ellie-Jean Coffey : I run 10 km a day and stretch morning and night. To prevent injury and to perform at the best level possible.

Lauren Hill : The better your overall fitness level, the better your surfing will be, no doubt. Cross training for surfing means more endurance for paddling and longer surf sessions. Being active should first and foremost be about having fun, so I try to mix it up and make whatever I'm doing as playful as possible. I've been working with a friend lately, Courtney Webb, who has been challenging me to push my fitness levels by doing things like balancing on my longboard on top of a Bosu ball. I always end up laughing at how awkward it feels at times, which keeps it light hearted and fun.

Tessa Thyssen : Mostly i go run, because i think its a good way to stay in shape and focus on your cardio, and i also do some exercices to get more powerful in my surf. It’s important to stay in shape for surfing, when you train all the muscles you work with you will find the similar moves in your surf and the more you will train, the less you will fall for nothing or the more you’ll be ready to push your limits.

Justine Dupont : The most important is to go in the water as often as you can. I go run when there is no wave to keep a good cardio and I do some exercise like abs. Being fit is important for surfing of course but in life also. When you are in shape, you feel good in the head as well.

Alessa Quizon : ?

Felicity Palmateer : When there's surf I surf as much as possible but if there are no waves I'll go to the gym a few times a week. I also love to run and do yoga every night.

Courtney Conlogue : I do a mixture of focusing on the full body fine tuning and strength, power, stability, and endurance training. Since my recent ankle injury many more elements have been added to my fitness training. It’s really cool and I’ve learned a lot about my body and overall physical fitness. Staying in shape is key for surfing if you want to become a dynamic athlete.

Keala Kennely : Besides surfing-- On average I spend 1-2 hours in the gym 3-5 days a week and I play other sports like tennis, soccer and SUP. It's important to have strength, flexibility, balance and endurance in surfing. Training helps with all of those things. Also when I feel strong I am able to push myself more in the water.