• Team riders Fitness tips - Part3

Do you have a strict work out routine or diet to follow ?

Laura Enever : I don't have a strict routine but I definitely have a routine, travelling can make it hard but have strict routine but I just do my best to listen to my body and stay on top of all my health and fitness

Frankie Harrer : At the moment I have a fairly strict program with my trainer because I have some contests coming up we have been training a lot, and I have a diet that I try to follow, but I cheat a little sometimes.

Laura Crane : Its not so struck but i do try and work out and surf every day its hard sometimes with travelling especially when i have to go and working the city but thats when its important to watch your diet.

Josephine Costes : I don't really have a routine but I try to do some exercises every day and I pay attention to what I eat to feel good in my body.

Ellie-Jean Coffey : Absolutely.

Lauren Hill : No way. Too many rules about anything just begs me to rebel. I eat what makes me feel good: mostly vegetables, lots homegrown, with sides of brown rice or sourdough seeded bread. I love fermented foods, like miso, for flavour. But then, I'll find myself traveling in Italy and eating pasta and pizza everyday, and I really enjoy that, too. I don't usually eat any dairy products, but in Europe you can find well-loved, artisanal, farm fresh dairy ---- and it's usually part of every meal--- so I end up eating it while there, and really enjoying it. I feel like diet and exercise really come down to figuring out what feels best for your own body.

Tessa Thyssen : I work out when i want but i like to have that routine “at least 3 work outs per week”, and with that i make sure to eat well, lots of vegetables !!

Justine Dupont : My training varied depending on the day, surfing, my shape, or upcoming deadlines.

Alessa Quizon : ?

Felicity Palmateer : I don't really have a strict work out routine but I definitely try and surf at least once a day then go to the gym or either a run. For diet I just try to eat light - lots of salads and veges with fish or chicken.

Courtney Conlogue : The beauty of listening to your body, at least for me, is I’m continually growing, developing, and learning from my surfing to my workout routines to what I eat. I’m in a constant state of change just like the ocean!

Keala Kennely : I have to be pretty flexible with my routine when I travel but when I am at home (or somewhere I feel at home like LA) I get into a routine.

Top tips to get a bikini body ready ?

Laura Enever : Lots of water, Lots of organic Fruits and vegetable. I always start my day with an amazing green protein smoothie !

Frankie Harrer : Exercise and eat well.

Laura Crane : Slots of core work abs and squats.

Josephine Costes : I think to get a bikini body ready the first thing to do is to feel good and to choose a nice bikini. Do some sports and eat good food to have a nice skin and always protect it.

Ellie-Jean Coffey : Drink plenty water!

Lauren Hill : Every body is a bikini body. Figure out what makes you feel most comfortable in your own skin, what makes your heart sing, and do those things.

Tessa Thyssen : My tips to get a bikini body ready is to do abs and squats, go run and eat well.

Justine Dupont : Be active every days. A healthy food is best also.

Felicity Palmateer : Drinks lots of water. Exercise with friends and be confident with yourself!

Courtney Conlogue : The best advice I can give anyone is be your healthy. Everyone is unique and what works for one person may not work for the next. Just try to do what makes you feel good by working out, eating the best that you can, and keep improving on the process. Developing a strong core is a good place to start. Get in the outdoors, be active, fuel up, rest up, and build up!

Keala Kennely : Eliminate sugar and dairy from your diet and workout a lot.

How do you stay motivated ?

Laura Enever : I keep everything fun! If I'm having fun I'm motivated and ready to do anything!

Frankie Harrer : I stay motivated because I just think about what my goals are, and if I want to achieve them I have to do these

Laura Crane : Its pretty easy really having to be in front of a camera everyday its easy to keep motivation to look my best.

Josephine Costes : I stay motivated because I know that it's good for me.

Ellie-Jean Coffey : I see what my competitors are up too and that's enough.

Lauren Hill : By sticking to what I love.

Tessa Thyssen : How do i stay motived? Because i know what i want, i’ve my goals in my head and even know sometimes it’s really hard you cannot give up, because you have your goals in your hands you just need to make sure all the chances are with you to make them happen.

Justine Dupont : I think about my goals.

Felicity Palmateer : I find it hard to stay motivated sometimes so I always try and find new music to listen to that makes me want to go work out or I'll work out with friends.

Courtney Conlogue : I stay motivated because I realize and feel the benefits of the process. I stay positive, workout with friends, and change things up often to keep it exciting.

Keala Kennely : Just knowing how much better I perform and how much better I feel is motivation enough to work on my fitness. Plus I have to keep up with a very active 2 year old these days and he keeps me on my game ;)