• Team riders Fitness tips - Part2

What do you find most challenging about surfing ?

Laura Enever : Our office is the office, we have no control over what it does. That's the most challenging part. Being able to adapt !

Frankie Harrer : I think the most challenging part of surfing is that during a contest it's not just about you surfing good to do well it has a lot to do with if waves come to you or not. You could be surfing better than ever before but still lose if you don' t get the good waves, but that also keeps it interesting.

Laura Crane : After putting a wet wetsuit on in the winter, it has to be those long long paddle outs that kill your arms .

Josephine Costes : For me the most challenging about surfing is to succeed a maneuver I've been working on for a long time, because each wave and each session is different, so do not get discouraged and you will always improve.

Ellie-Jean Coffey : The crowds at Snapper Rocks (my local break) and wet wetsuits in the winter!

Lauren Hill : Crossing over to riding a shortboard is really challenging for me, since I've pretty much always ridden longboards. I wish I'd started riding them sooner! Riding different kinds of boards is pretty much an eternal teacher though. It's so awesome to be constantly humbled by trying out new crafts.

Tessa Thyssen : What I find most challenging about surfing would be to overcome your fears.

Justine Dupont : The ocean. This is a challenging element. Being able to surf in every conditions, small, big, powerful or not, with currents, wind.

Felicity Palmateer : The most challenging thing about surfing especially in contests is that there is a certain amount of luck that is in involved when your dealing with mother nature which can end up working for or against you.

Courtney Conlogue : The most challenging thing about the sport of surfing is reading the ocean. It’s personality changes continually from day to day with the tide, weather, currents, and locations. I’m always feeling the ocean. The ocean is like no other athletic playing field as it’s a moving canvas.

Keala Kennely :Overcrowded lineups. The patience it takes to wait for good conditions. Really heavy waves with super vertical drops that require a lot of paddling power to get into.

What's in your ipod when training ?

Laura Enever : Everything I love rap, Hip hop , alternate anything I can dance too :)

Frankie Harrer : I listen to a lot of rap when I'm training.

Laura Crane : Lots of rap (50 cent) and a lot of cheesy pop music.

Josephine Costes : I love reggae music but when I go for a run I love listening to music that motivates me, like Royals from Lorde.

Ellie-Jean Coffey : Beyoncé !!!

Lauren Hill : I like to be amongst nature when getting exercise, so I really like to tune into my surroundings and listen to the birds, waves and rustling trees as I go.

Tessa Thyssen : The kind of music that is on my ipod when I train is more deep house, pop, sometimes hip-hop.

Justine Dupont : I train mostly in the nature so I prefer to listen to the nature's music. Otherwise, I like every kind of music, and it depends of what I'm doing at the moment.

Felicity Palmateer : When I'm running I have to be listening to music and it's usually something really fast paced to keep me motivated.

Courtney Conlogue : Currently in my ipod: Chandelier by Sia, Happy by Pharrell Williams, Eye of the Tiger, Tennis Court by Lorde, Glory and Gore, Pompeii by Bastilli

Keala Kennely : I am usually listening to DJ mixes I have recorded. When I am working out it's a great time for me to work on DJ sets for upcoming events.

What is your favorite training outfit ?

Laura Enever : I love the whole billabong women's active range !

Frankie Harrer : My favorite training outfit is a sports bra, capri workout pants, and running shoes.

Laura Crane : I love the billabong active wear its really comfortable and looks awesome too.

Ellie-Jean Coffey : Billabong’s active wear the peach crop top and short running pants.

Lauren Hill : I love little spandex shorts that stay in place --- like the billabong Dusk till Dawn action short --- with a breezy tank top thrown over.

Tessa Thyssen : My Favorite training outfit is my athletic bra, a small short and my nikes !!!

Justine Dupont : My favorite outfit training is the billabong active wear. I wear shorts and t shirt during summer. And during winter, I wear the legging with a small jacket.

Felicity Palmateer : I'm in love with Billabong's new active wear range. It's all so comfy to work out in and super cute.

Courtney Conlogue : My favorite training outfits change depending on where I’m training. If I’m in the water I love my Surf Capsule wetsuits or bikini top and boardshorts. If I’m on land I love wearing a tank with skintight Capri leggings or shorts. It definitely depends on where I’m at and the weather too.

Keala Kennely : Billabong boardshorts or Adidas/ Nike track shorts and a wifebeater