• Tell Ä Vision “Ästhetiker Go Up North”

The story is about Steve Gruber, Wolle Nyvelt, Bernd Egger and Andreas Monsberger. They jumped in a camper van and drove all the way up to Norway. The Mission was to go skate, surf and snowboard during the journey. The first destination was ‘Hodevik’, where they scored the first waves and then continued their trip passing the Polar circle and going further north to finally arrive at Lofoten Island, where they scored some more waves in a spot called Udstadt. The snow conditions weren’t very good, but with a long hike it paid off and they finally reached some snow. After a little quarterpipe session on the way with some BS Airs and so on, they hiked up further to one of the epic peaks

with an overwhelming 360° sea view! The highlight was at the end of the Journey, where they crossed over to Sweden to take part at the ’20 Years King of the Hill’ reunion, where a lot of snowboard legends gathered to celebrate the 20 years anniversary of Ingmar Beckmann’s legendary BS Air! But, long story short, just watch the movie and enjoy!