• The A to Z of Biarritz

Visiting pro surfers, local lasses, Aussie transplants and area experts give you their run down on how to have the healthiest and happiest high season in Biarritz.


A Anglet: “The mile stretch between Chambre D'Amour in the south tucked under the Lighthouse and Les Cavaliers at the north near the rivermouth offers some of the best waves in Les Landes." Ben Mondy, freelance writer

B Blue Cargo: “Perfect sandbottomed bar for a chic cocktail, dinner or late night DJ. Overlooks Ii’biarritz beach.” Nathalie Chazaud, Billabong Europe Womens Marketing Coordinator

C Chez Modjo: “Go to brunch at Chez Modjo and make sure you have the cheese cake. It is the best cheese cake of the planet (sorry NYC).” Laura Hubaide, Billabong Intern

D Dinner at Guethary: “Le Madrid restaurant, in the busy main square. It’s a locals favourite so make reservations for the back terrace.” Ben Mondy

E Espadrilles: “The perfect shoe for this part of the world, and on sale in every second shop in every colour and style in Biarritz, for only €10” Laura Hubaide,

F Comptoir du Foie Gras: “I always try and fit in a drink at what is known as The Foie Gras Bar opposite Le Halles. Awesome tapas, wine and a lovely staff" Laura Enever, professional surfer

G Grande Plage: “I enjoy waking up before the sun rises and walking around the town.  Whether it’s checking out the surf, looking at the views and the lighthouse, walking past the boat harbor, passing Grande Plage, or window shopping before the shops open I love the peaceful walks." Courtney Conlogue, professional surfer

H Harbour: “The seafood restaurants on the edge of the little fishing harbour in Biarritz are great. Awesome views and the freshest fish.” Laura Enever

I Indoor Pool: “The pool or piscine under the casino is amazing. Right on the Grande Plage and great for laps. Just bring a swimming cap.” Laura Enever

J Bar Jean: “A Biarritz staple, this restaurant offers delicious, the best selection of pinxtos in the city is served up with a flamenco soundtrack and a backdrop of blue and white Andalucía tiles.” Nathalie Chazaud

K is Kangaroo: “The Bilgola Café near Le Barre is an Australian restaurant with a French twist. The brunch’s are amazing and the kangaroo excellent.” Ben Mondy

L Lighthouse: “Start at the Lighthouse at the north of Grande Plage and do the 5.2 km run along the coast. I did the run and enjoyed jogging while checking out the views and surf.” Courtney Conlogue

M The Miramont: “Have a cup of tea at Miramont is a must.  I go there every time I’m in Biarritz. They have loose leaf teas. I enjoy the people watching and the pink walls and mirrors are cool. Of course the view of Grande Plage in the background makes it the perfect spot to sip on a cup of tea and enjoy a pastry.” Courtney Conlogue

N Nori Boy: “Sushi is my favourite thing to eat and whenever I travel I try and find a good sushi restaurant as quick as I can. Near Biarritz I found Nori Boy and it was great.” Laura Enever, professional surfer

O Oysters: “On a Sunday morning head to Les Halles for fresh oysters. The locals usually wash it down with some crisp white wine.” Laura Hubaide

P Port Vieux: “An awesome spot to watch the sunset.  I like to take pictures and it’s a perfect spot for it.  I took a few silhouette shots of us jumping off the rock in the afternoon.” Courtney Conlogue

Q Queen Eugenie’s Palace: “We went for a cocktail at the Hotel Du Palais, the beautiful old Palace that rises above Grande Plage. It is a bit of a treat, but worth every cent.” Laura Enever

R Rocher de la Vierge: “Or Rock of The Virgin is at the statue at the end of Pointe Atalaye with amazing views that extend to the mountains of the Spanish Basque Country.” Ben Mondy

S Le Surfing: “Have dinner at Le Surfing, eating incredible food only metres from the crashing waves of Cote de Basque. The best food and view combo in Biarritz.” Ben Mondy

T Tapas: “The best tapas is in San Sebastian. I love Spain. During the Biarritz event I always find time for a quick drive into Spain. I enjoy the beaches, shopping, architecture, and eating tapas. Oh and the shoes! I love shopping for shoes in Spain and always come with a few pairs.” Courtney Conlogue

U Uhabia Beach: “A great if underrated beach, sandwiched between Guethary and Bidart. Often uncrowded with some fun waves.” Ben Mondy

V Ventilo: “Dressed up like a funky boudoir, this fun young café bar never lets you down for a great night out with friends.” Nathalie Chazaud

W Wavegarden: “When it is flat I always go exploring and searching for something new. Sometimes I’m lucky and find a new surf spot.  On this trip I found the Wavegarden.” Courtney Conlogue

X,Y, Z – The list is actually endless. Biarritz offers everything you need for a summer of fun. Go explore!