• The Adventures of Nathan Behl - What it takes to reach perfection

The Adventures of Nathan Behl - What it takes to reach perfection

When dropping in is the easy part: The long journey to get to Teahupoo.

Who said getting perfect Teahupoo barrels was an easy feat? No one. And for Florida's Nate Behl it was particularly tough due to what he thought would be an easy trip from Indo to Tahiti. The journey for Nate was anything but easy. However, in the end he made it safe and sound, and it was well worth it! Read below for his account.

"So, after getting stuck in Kuala Lumpur Airport for two days, we made it to Tahiti for the swell after the one we were planning on originally going for. We missed flights, guys got sick, and transit and flights from Indonesia to Tahiti make it so difficult to make the trek. Even in Kuala Lumpur they wouldn't let me bring surfboards on the train, bus, or taxi. It was ridiculous, I hiked about 2-3 miles from airport A for a domestic flight to airport B for international flights with a trolley and two board bags to make our flight. Justis, the filmer I came with, was super sick but sucked it up enough to make it on the flights. What first looked like an easy trip turned into a mission, worst travel experience of my life.

Once we finally made it, it was more than worth it, best waves I have ever seen. Everyone was going mad getting bombs at Chopes, Nate Florence got the best wave I have ever seen ridden. Now we are on our way back to indo for a pumping swell at Kandui. This was my first time to Tahiti. I will definitely be coming back for the rest of my life!"