• THE BILLABONG AIR & STYLE - The best snowboarders on the planet back again to hit the world‚Äö?Ñ?Â¥s biggest quarter Pipe!

The Best Snowboarders on the Planet Back Again To Hit The World’s Biggest Quarter Pipe!

After the success with the event’s come back to Bergisel Stadium in 2008 the “Billabong Air & Style Innsbruck-Tirol” will return to this special venue to write the next chapter of snowboard history.

On January 31st 2009 , Innsbruck will see for the second time the “Billabong Air & Style Innsbruck-Tirol” return to the legendary Bergisel Stadium in Austria.
Preparations for the progression of the event are moving forward rapidly. The format  has already proven itself: the biggest Quarter Pipe worldwide, 24 Top-Riders and two excellent Live-Acts will make the event an unforgettable evening.

Besides Billabong’s team riders Antti Autti (FIN) and Risto Mattila (FIN), snowboard legend Terje Haakonsen (NOR) will make the show and compete for the $ 100,000 in prize money. More riders will be announced in the next days. The audience can be assured to see the crème de la crème of snowboarding in Innsbruck again.
The premiere of the “Billabong Air & Style Innsbruck-Tirol” in February 2008 went large and impressed the international snowboard world. Around 12,000 spectators packed the Bergisel Stadium to see the worlds best Snowboarders hit the biggest Quarter Pipe on earth. After starting as a Swatch TTR 5-Star event last year it took this one event to progress into the small elite group of 6-Star events, making this event to be one of the biggest Snowboarding contest in Europe  and one of the six best in the world.

“After the success of last year's Air & Style event in Innsbruck and with the working partnership we have established with the Air & Style company, it was a pretty easy decision for us to sign a three year contract for the Billabong Air & Style Innsbruck – Tirol event” said Billabong Europe Brand Manager Reid Pinder. “Billabong is an athlete driven company and the organization of the TTR (Ticket to Ride Tour) is fantastic, because it provides a stable platform for young guys to start a career out of a sport that we all love. We are all looking forward to the Billabong Air & Style Innsbruck - Tirol 2009 and I am wishing all the riders the best of luck."

Apart from world class snowboarding the Indie-Rock-Band Mando Diao will perform live as the musical headliner. The five Swedish musicians have been performing since 1999 and will definitely rock the stadium. The second top act will be announced soon.

Further Info and tickets available online on the event’s official homepage  HYPERLINK "http://www.air-style.com" www.air-style.com.
The event will be webcastet live on  HYPERLINK "http://www.billabongpro.com" www.billabongpro.com and  HYPERLINK "http://www.air-style.com" www.air-style.com.



Steel structure 120 tons ( 3850 cubic meters steel )
Artificial snow 4500 cubic meters ( whole area )
Start height 81 meters above level zero
Slope in-run 38°
Length in-run 150 meters
Height Quarter Pipe 12,2 meters above zero
Width Quarter Pipe 22 meters
Time of Set-up 13 days
Time to remove 5 days
Approach speed 70 – 100 km/h
Cables 15,000 meters for electricity, video, audio
Sound system 75,000 Watt
Electricity needs 5,000 Ampere
Fences and barriers 1,200 meters
Staff members 120 for the assembly, 600 on the day of the event, 160 for the disassembly


Saturday, January 31st – Bergisel Stadium Innsbruck

15:30    Doors Open
17:00    Contest Start Riders Presentation Qualifying TOP 12 Group 1
18:05    Riders Presentation Qualifying TOP 12 Group 2
19:00    1st Music Act
19:45    Quarter Pipe - FINALS
21:00    Prize Ceremony
21:10    2nd Music Act – MANDO DIAO
22:00    End