• The Billabong Team Never Goes on a Surf Trip Without These

A passport. An iPhone. Your wallet. A sweatshirt for the plane…There’s a lot of stuff you just don’t go on a trip—especially out of the country—without. But what about a surf trip? Besides your boards and the normal stuff, are their some items that are kind of indispensible for a mission to Indo or South Africa or wherever the surf’s firing at the moment? Of course there are. And we’ve got answers. We asked 8 of our team riders what item they wouldn’t leave home without on a surf trip and here’s what they said…

1. Shane Dorian

"There are actually a few things I always bring on any trip. A weatherproof backpack and the new Billabong chamois towel that folds up tiny and can fit anywhere. I also always pack a hoodie and beanie for cold plane rides. I usually stick a Billabong A/Div rain jacket in my board bag just in case the weather gets ugly, too."

Shane Dorian's Favorite Backpack the Billabong Ally Surf Backpack

2. Jack Freestone

"The Command Backpack. Yeah, this pack is sick. It basically doubles up as two bags in one, which is key for a lot of places. You want a bag that you can throw your wettie or boardies in, as well as your dry stuff, and this pack’s for that."

Jack Freestone Travel Essential the Billabong Command Backpack

3. Ryan Callinan

"I always take a spray jacket everywhere I go like the Transport jacket. Everywhere rains and there is nothing worse then being stuck at a contest soaking wet. Or on boat trips getting sprayed, these jackets are the most useful, underrated things ever."

Ryan Callinan Must Have Jacket - The Billabong Transport Jacket

4. Seth Moniz

"No matter where I go in the world I can't leave home without a pair of trunks in my bag. There’s just no better feeling in the world then jumping into the ocean with pair of trunks on."

Seth Moniz - Billabong Men's Tribong Scallop Lo Tides Boardshorts

5. Josh Moniz

"Billabong makes fanny packs and they’re perfect to use to keep all the little things you need for a long surf day or while traveling. I keep everything in it, from fins to fin keys to wax, sunscreen...I just started to bring one along while traveling and I love it. Another thing is sweatpants. When I travel to places a little colder I pretty much only use sweat pants all day [laughs]. Billabong started to make really comfortable ones like The Balance, so I'm always using them when I get the chance."

Josh Moniz - Billabong Men's Travel Essential Java Waistpack Fanny Pack

6. Griffin Colapinto

"I always like to bring a windbreaker like the Brick Jacket because if the weather is hot you can also wear it to keep you from getting sun burnt, and of course if the weather is cold it keeps you warmer than anything."

Griffin Colapinto - Billabong Men's Brick Jacket

7. Eithan Osborne

"I usually always bring wax because no one ever brings wax and I'm the only one [laughs]. Plus, I hate slipping. I usually always bring a wetsuit top like the Revolution Shifty 2mm. I just like to have it in case it gets cold or if I have a rash or something like that. Cures it all."

Eithan Osbourne - Billabong Men's Revolution Shifty 2mm Reversible Surf Jacket

8. Finn McGill

"I just always like to bring a lot of boardies. The Tribong Bungalow Lo Tides are so comfy that you can surf in them, walk around in them and I even sleep in them [laughs]. I pretty much live in them."

Finn McGill - Billabong Men's Boardshorts Tribong Bungalow Lo Tides Boardshorts