• The Call

Billabong Womens is excited to share the new film "The Call", in collaboration with HVHFILMS, Cecilia Photographie and our two local surfers Laure and Julie.

A vital need, an uncontrollable urge, a (super)natural call that links three young ladies so that they are predestined to meet. They have different backgrounds, but have one common passion: SURFING and the sheer joy of gliding down a wave that comes with it. They all feel the irresistible call from the ocean… Through this connection to the ocean, a friendship was born, without a word, without any speech. As the summer season faded, they aspired to only one thing: to escape to other places, search for new waves, enjoy moments of complicity and to spend timeless days. An adventure and where the same smiling faces keep being captured.

Photographer : @ceciliaphotographie

Models : @madame_chipiron @lauremyr

Production : @hvhfilms

Film-maker : @bertrandmarin