• The City Squared 2012 Event Shot on the Red Slow Motion Camera

32 Australian street-skateboarding specialists gathered in Melbourne to claim Stop #1 on the SbA (Skateboarding Australia) Pro/Am Invitational Tour -- Billabong's City Squared presented by Xperia Sony Smartphone.

The custom built obstacle was daunting to say the least. Riders had to negotiate a purpose-built 'gap to ledge' feature that could be attacked from several approaches, mixing creativity and burly raw street skateboarding. The build was inspired by Melbourne's urban street spots - combining two hubba's either side of the gap to bank with a box in the middle which resembled a sub electrical box at 1.8 meters high.

Check out Blake Harris,Tommy Fynn, Reece Warren, Marty Girotto, Sam Winter, Tim Williams, Dennis Durrant, Mitch Robertom, Pat Dandy, Kieran Reilly and all the pros doing their thing in this clip