• The Mentis with Gaizka & Kepa Housset

The Mentis with Gaizka & Kepa Housset

Our trip in the Mentawais has been a crazy adventure...

It all began on a Thursday afternoon : we told our trip mates to be at home to start the journey all together. We left Guethary around 3pm and headed to Madrid where we arrived in the evening. After a good dinner in a Spanish restaurant, we went directly to bed to recharge our batteries and be ready for the big adventure!

We woke up in the early morning and went to the airport to take the plane to Doha, the first of a long series. After 3 planes, hours of waiting and 2 minibus transfers, we finally arrived in Padang where we discovered our home for the next 15 days, the King Millenium II.

The night trip by boat to the islands was long and rough, some of us got sea sick, but was definitely worth it : we woke up the next morning in front of Lance’s Left with incredible waves. Our dream finally started.

During two weeks we lived on a boat for 24 hours without seeing anyone else or having network for our phones : it was an intense but incredible experience. Luckily I had the chance to share it with a great group of friends. The atmosphere was fun and relaxed. We were surfing 3 to 4 times a day depending on the conditions in clear blue, 30 degrees water.

The boat crew was cooked delicious dishes for all of us, mostly local dishes, but fresh fish caught on board were also on the menu! Every evening, we used to have dinner all together talking about surf and the waves of the dayuntil late in the night.

The best thing of a trip like this one is to wake up on a new spot everyday. In two weeks we surfed all kindsof waves : hollow, punchy, lefts, rights,… We had the chance to surf the best spots of the souther islands: Thunders, Macaroni, Roxy, Kitkat, the two Lances, Greenbush, Sharky, The Hole,… To surf all these different waves was amazing but my favourites ones were definitely Thunders and Macaroni where I had incredible barrels like never before, Lances Left was not bad either for doing airs…

One of the funniest moments of the trip was when we were in Roxys. It was the end of the day, we were all back on board, the night was almost there and the boat was about to leave the spot when we heard someone screaming. We all went to the deck to see what was going on and we saw Alex (a friend of ours) swimming to the boat. We hadn’t realized he was still in the water and almost abandoned him in the middle of the Mentawais, one thing for sure : he did not surf that late in the night the days after!

If I had to sum up our trip in the Mentawais in one sentence, I would say : « It has been an amazing ride! »