• The Surfline Official Forecast for the Billabong Rio Pro

As we get ready to kick off the waiting period for the event in Rio, it might be a good idea to look at the forecast.

Our friends at Surfline.com sent this over, and we are pretty stoked with what we see.

BRIEF OVERVIEW: Good size SSE swell now looks likely for the opening couple days of the Billabong Rio Pro: strongest Wednesday before easing Thursday and into Friday. We are monitoring a fun size or better mix of SSE and SSW swell for the weekend of the 10th-11th.

WEDNESDAY 7th: Good size SSE swell
SWELL/SURF: 5-7’+ faces, some larger sets very possible. Stay tuned.
WIND: Light/variable N wind in the morning, with a weak sea breeze developing in the afternoon.

THURSDAY 8th: Easing SSE swell
SWELL/SURF: 4-5’ occ. 6’ faces. Stay tuned.
WIND: Light/variable wind early, with WSW wind developing through the afternoon 5-10kts.

FRIDAY 9th: SSE swell levels off; long period SSW swell slowly builds
SWELL/SURF: 3-4’ occ. 5’ faces
WIND: Light W wind early, increasing from the SW 6-10kts in the afternoon.

SATURDAY 10th: Long period SSW swell builds further; shorter to mid period SSE swell also builds
SWELL/SURF: 3-4 occ. 5’ surf. Storm dependent, stay tuned
WIND: Potential for increased SW/SSW wind. Stay tuned.

SUNDAY 11th: SSW/SSE swell mix continues
SWELL/SURF: 3-4 occ. 5’ surf. Storm dependent, stay tuned.
WIND: Easing S wind. Stay tuned.

Long Range Surf Outlook
The event will get off to a nice start with a mid to longer period SSE swell (160-170) on track. This is thanks to a compact, but intense, storm that is currently located around 1500 miles to the southeast of Brazil. While the storm’s track is not ideal - it’s moving ESE and away from Rio- we are still expecting a fairly solid swell to fill in through Tuesday, be strongest Wednesday and then ease on Thursday.

We will want to refine the exact size and timing of this swell as it propagates away from the source (storm) but, at this point, we are expecting head high to overhead sets on Wednesday.

Going further out, our next push of surf is on track for the weekend of the 10th-11th and possibly into Monday the 12th. We’ll be monitoring two storm sources for this surf: a storm that will move into the southwest Atlantic in the next few days for longer period SSW swell and another storm that will develop off of Rio later in the new week for SE to ESE swell.

At this point, the mix of these two swells look to provide surf in the chest-head high range through the weekend of the 10th-11th with that surf potentially continuing into Monday the 12th (and look for an initial rise over Friday afternoon). We remain lower confidence on the exact size and timing of these respective swells this far out, but will refine the forecast in the next few days as we see the storms evolve.

Going way out, the 13th-15th looks pretty slow at this time, with potential for a new bump of S swell around the last couple days of the waiting period. Again, we’re low confidence on the specifics this far out and will have more concrete details in the next week.

Who's ready for a contest full of barrels and airs? Because we are.