• #theBonghouse Newport Beach - Sunny Day

#theBonghouse Newport Beach - Sunny Day

After a lackluster day with thick overcast skies and crummy waves, things took a turn for the better in Newport Beach. Sunday morning we awoke to eggs and coffee served up by Australian's Kai Hing and Shaun Manners. The two have fit right in here in Newport, having friends galore that live in the area. The two polished of their brekky and quickly threw on their brand new Billabong wetsuits, hopping on their newly acquired beach cruisers to paddle out at 54th street. Just as the two stepped foot onto the sand, the sun popped out and revealed 3-5 foot corners running down the beach. Instantly, Shaun and Kai ran towards the lineup and proceeded to rip the place apart. Both found some ramps that allowed them to get some solid hang time. Photographer Duncan MacFarlane had just hopped off the plane early in the morning and made it down to Newport to capture it all.

Right now the boys are craving In N' Out Burger and are headed to fill their bellies. The house will be hosting a barbecue this afternoon followed by a fun Karaoke night at the Wayfarer in Costa Mesa. Check back for more soon, or, better yet, if you're in the area stop by #theBonghouse and say hello.