I think everyone can agree that there’s no better feeling than having a great creative space. For me, because I spend so much time working at home, it’s crucial to have an environment that is a direct reflection of my art, music, etc.

Revamping a bedroom or home can get costly, pretty quickly; so here are some tips I wanted to share that have worked for me.

For this new space I wanted to use a lot of gold (all of the frames, small details, lamps, etc.) and I knew that for what I wanted, it would be pretty pricey so here are a few ways I found to cut cost and add a lot of personality to my space.

1. Thrift stores, antique stores, swap meets, etc. these can be your best friend! Granted, this process is a bit time consuming and you won’t always find something with every trip, but when I’m looking for something in particular, I’ll check back once or twice a week.

About 98% of the photo frames in my bedroom were from thrifting (1$ as opposed to 6-10$? I’ll take it!) and if they were cheap but I didn’t love the color, I spray painted the frame and called it good

2. Estate sales: This is where you’ll find some really amazing pieces (desks, chairs, books, etc.) for very reasonable cost and easy to negotiate. I get a ton of my vintage books, magazines and records there. You’re always sure to find lots of little trinkets, antique fans, phones, so-on. I will warn that it gets a little hectic and you may want to go in the early morning to avoid the crowds.

3. Do ityourself!: Again, there are so many ways around spending tons of money on decorations and furniture. For example, the hanging branch garment rack in my room, I made for under 7$ ! I found the branch on the side of the road, took it home and let the bugs … do bug things..(this can take a few days so find a good place for it), painted it with semi-gloss white paint, bought the chain and hooks from home depot, for just a few dollars and I was all done! (I’ve noticed that these garment racks work best with wire hangers. I found mine at Target.)

4. Negotiate, Negotiate: 4 of the furniture pieces in my room I negotiated significantly. Craigslist is a great place to start and swap meets are also really good for a variety of items. Again, I recommend getting there early to avoid the crowds (and bring headphones)

5. Art: We all know art can be super expensive.. But there are also simple solutions around that. Even easy as taking the photos yourself and getting them printed at a CVS or whatever for cents on the dollar, painting your own photos on canvas or wood. For my bedroom, I took a lot of magazine pages and framed them. That way I could customize my artwork for next to nothing in cost. I also purchased 5 or 6 vintage comic books for 1$ a piece and used those as a running theme.

Overall, i’d say just get creative and have fun!