• Travel diary : Laura Crane in Mexico

Team rider Laura Crane went to Mexico last month on a surf trip, read about her adventure below :


This month Blog is Mexico, the land of cactus, Tacos ,and Sombreros, I love this place, not only because of all of the above, but because it is home to amazing waves and endless days of perfect weather .

After a pretty long plane journey I finally arrived in Mexico. stepping off the plane the heat hit me like nothing I have experienced in a long while. It felt like someone was holding a hair dryer on max in front of my face even at midnight ! We collected our wave searching rent car and headed to the hotel. Waking up on the first few mornings super early was a bonus thanks to jet lag and believe me I rarely am thankful of it. It meant we could get very early morning surfs before the sun got too hot.

We all piled in the car put the AC on max, and headed down a bumpy dirt track for about 40 mins. On arrival, a perfect right hand point break called “ship wrecks” with zero humans in sight, and as any surfer knows that is a blessing. We were straight out there after plastering ourselves in factor 100 sunscreen and burning our feet on the sand on the way in.

Three hours later we were surfed out, a little dehydrated, and our skin was now in a dark red colour stage (worst factor 100 ever !!!). My arrival back to the hotel that afternoon, exhausted but very content I spotted two blonde total babes in the swimming pool, they were my “ heart sisters” Miss Ellie and Miss Holly Coffey. Lots of screaming, hugs and kisses, the whole hotel knew we had certainly missed each other, 2 months may not sound a long time but with out those two it feels like a lifetime. The rest of the trip consisted of a lot of girly chat at the pool, training, surfing fun waves and being tourists. I visited an amazing little beach called “lovers beach” and an awesome gigantic rock that had a huge arch in it. We spotted exotic looking fish, dolphins and seals. The wild life was so amazing there, ok I'm no nature specialist but every where I seemed to look I was seeing creatures that I had never spotted before whilst on my travels. Finally, like any amazing trip, 10 days never seemed to be long enough, it was time to say my sad goodbyes to best friends and a truly awesome place, but not good bye forever Mexico, there is one thing I am certain I will be back soon. Your perfect waves, weather and people have captured a place in my heart.

Laura X