Written by Lindsay Perry after a recent trip to New York City where she performed live at the Condor Shop for one of her favorite jewelry lines, Knights of NY.

Being in NYC is always a blast.. especially when I get to play shows. This one was a bit different than my normal song and dance. We arrived in the city around 6PM, I then met up with stylist, Lauryn Flynn, who was kind enough to dress me and welcome me into her incredible studio/office. Soon after I was ready, I headed back to the boutique for my performance with Geo Myers (My new musical partner) .. The crowd was vibing.. We sipped cocktails and admired the amazing jewelry line by Knights of New York. Geo and I set up around 8'ish and played a solid 45 minute set. Afterwards, to my surprise, I had a few longterm friends show up that just so happened to be in the city! We chit-chatted for a bit and headed out into the lights for some dancing and fun.. Finished off the night with my boyfriend serenading me (terribly, I might add) at a Korean Karaoke joint.. Needless to say, it was eventful and as always, colorful.

Photos c/o: Lindsay Perry, Noah Sahady, Gene Weiss, Billy Farrell Agency (NYC), & Condor Shop.