• Travel Friendly: Earth Day Inspiration with Surfer Josie Prendergast

Travel Friendly: Earth Day Inspiration with Surfer Josie Prendergast

Travel Friendly: Earth Day Inspiration with Surfer Josie Prendergast

We love all things travel friendly, but this time we are talking about how to be friendly to the earth, while you travel! We caught up with surfer, world traveler, full of sunshine + salt water, miss Josie Prendergast to hear from her! She talked to us about her home in Siargao to learned more about simple tips for loving the earth, taking care of it while you travel. Josie works closely with an organization call GromNation and through that has been involved in many beach clean ups and other out reaches and we were able to find out more about what they do, with a whole lot of love. Read below to hear more about them + see photos from her home in Siargao below!

Tell us a little bit GromNation and how you got involved!

GromNation is a local NGO situated in siargao that offer the kids of siargao free surfing lessons and board borrows in exchange for good school attendance and participation in life skills programs that they operate, that is very beneficial for the kids. I have always had a passion for helping people, and i love to help kids so, what grom nation offer really got me into volunteering and being able to spend time with the kids. Plus siargao is home to me so its very special being able to volunteer and help those who share the same home. I have known Josh, one of the founders of the organisation for a few years now, and so by helping him out, even just by volunteering on the clean ups we do around the island and communicating their visions through social media + spreading awareness on being a responsible person has made me really happy and I am so appreciative of all the hard work they do to ensure a better future for the kids, and for the island.

How has surfing x your passions allowed you to dive deeper into loving your oceans!

Being able to surf has been a blessing and coming from two different cultures that are very much involved with the ocean has for sure made it clear to LOVE the ocean, as we are very fortunate enough to have this environmental setting. we must take care of our playground to maintain its beauty.

What is some advice for a beach loving girl to start loving her coast a bit more!

Admire the beauty of it all!! show the ocean how appreciative you are, by trying your best at being responsible and taking care of what you love.What is the response to the beach clean ups done by ‘GromNation’!

GromNation has had some great great feedback regarding all they do for their cleanups ect. they have raised awareness on the damaging effects waste and plastic have on the environment, ocean and the people. they are not just assisting children with their education in school, but education on the environment and the effects and harms. more and more people, both local and foreign are learning about plastic usage, waste management and the number of people volunteering on the clean ups is increasing. its really great.Tell us about Siargao and the importance of this place to you!

Siargao has my heart. I was born there and all my mums side of the family are from there. I have seen it change dramatically, I have experienced everything there and I feel so much love when I am home. it really is such a special in my heart. its so important to me because everything I love is there.

You have talked on social media, reminding others to respect not only Siargao but places people travel! What are some practical tips for loving as a tourist in a new town?

When travelling, my biggest tips is always to be a responsible and respectful traveller. be mindful of the different cultures and respect the different ways people live. get involved with the cultures and the locals. be mindful of you rubbish and always, always be responsible. your vacation is someone else's home.

What is one of your favorite quotes that remind you to love the earth a bit more each day!

I think this quote applies to many things, including the earth. " be the change you want to see in the world." for me, its an illustration on being a good person, not only to humans, animals, and the world.

Impacting the youth is the best place to start in regard to changing people’s mindsets on how to love their oceans and make their foot print a bit lighter. What is advice you would give to kids who are just learning about sustainability!

Keep on learning and take it all in. learn and teach! and LOVE.