A magical place nestled in nature and surrounded by a jungle of green and bathed by the blues of the Pacific Ocean, Yelapa, Mexico is not your average beach retreat.

If you’re up for a little adventure or just want to escape for the day from the hustle of neighboring hotspot, Puerto Vallarta, it’s easy to catch a snorkel tour and visit the beautiful beaches and blue waters of Yelapa.

Here’s a roundup of why we love Yelapa, and for those of you looking for an unspoiled beach paradise, let our top five tidbits of destination travel advice help lead the way…

1. Stay: Hotel Verana. A boutique eco-luxury hotel both architecturally pleasing and aesthetically chic. It’s a paradise in itself situated high above the ocean and nestled among the leaves like a carefully curated hippie retreat and accessible only by boat + mule.

It’s a short 30-minute boat ride from Puerto Vallarta to the small village of Yelapa, yet offers the feelings of a remote and untouched escape – Just what we like! Oh and don’t even get us started on the food.

2. Yelapa is filled with little gems of hidden coves along it’s lush shoreline. The best way to see them for yourself, is to catch one of the many boat taxis (or pangas) and hitch a ride from one cove to the next. It’s a great way to experience this tiny village and meet locals throughout the little coastal area.

4. We’re forever chasing waterfalls and if your someone up for a little ‘off the beaten path’ adventure, we suggest taking a hike from one waterfall to the next. The first of the Yelapa Waterfalls is about a 20-minute walk from town and if your feet are up for it, head deeper in the jungle for a 2-hour hike until you get to Cascada Catedral.

5. A day trip jaunt to Las Isla Marietas was top of our list. This grouping of small uninhabited islands is situated a few miles off the coast of Nayarit, Mexico and has an abundance of diverse marine life.

6. We’ve added an extra must-see to our list because, well, Bob Dylan. During the 60s this sleepy retreat played artistic refuge to the like of Dennis Hopper, Jack Nicholson, and Bob Dylan and after visiting Yelapa ourselves, we can see why this vagabond bunch would set their sights on a place accessible only by boat, mule or dirt path.