• Treasures inside our home

A tropical print surfboard and more of our favorite bohemian home accents

We’re always curious in discovering the creative living spaces our muses call home. Our homes are a reflection of our deepest selves. We adorn our
space with objects of affection and with discoveries that inspire our souls. Take a step inside the home of the French couple, Frank & Julie
from @julie_eye_see.

Almost every piece in the house is secondhand, raw, ethnic, homemade and naturally blended with keepsakes found around the globe on surf escapes
and creative adventures.

Take a walk through this stunning home, as you scroll through the photos below.

In the living room, there is an eclectic mix of vintage finds, bricks, wood, and faded leather enlightened by a fresh topical-print longboard leans
nonchalantly on the sofa. A cherished work of art from Billabong meant for the girl who spends her days painting the waves with cross steps and
dreaming in colors of the sea. Get a chance to win this unique longboard just here

Vintage magazines rest in old apple crates and an 80’s wooden skateboard is hung against the wall. Pieces of nature and handmade wall hangings
are constant surprises around each corner.

In a bright and airy bedroom, an old US flag floats over the bed and the map of Venice beach reminds us where most of the inspiration comes from.
The macramé wall hanging is a masterpiece made by our fairy-fingered artist Julie.

This house is rare and truly inspiring.