• Tropical Dreamin Lookbook

"Young, wild and free is exactly how we should be"

Oh, to be youthful - To have the ability to throw caution to the wind; set sail on the open sea, or jump on a plan, train or in any automobile you please. And that's exactly what 23 year old photographer, Gunner Hughes and I did. We decided on a whim to embark on a last minute road trip through my home state of Florida. Starting in New Smyrna Beach around 7pm on a Monday evening, we then drove down to Ft. Lauderdale where Gunner's dear friend was performing a live DJ set. Soon after, we continued on our journey. I tried my best to keep my eyes open, but dozed off not too long into the drive. I awoke at the southern most tip of the Sunshine State, somewhere between the beach and Duval Street. I was in the Florida Keys! Several cups of coffee later, I was ready to rock-n-roll. We found our camp site, more towards the northern portion of The Keys, and set up shop. It wasn't too long after that we got straight to business; capturing everything this magical place had to offer. We went on several hikes, scoped out the scene and took more photos than I had ever thought humanly possible. Every day was something different, something new and exciting. We met some pretty classic characters, caught some fish, made s'mores and bonded a newfound friendship. Check out what we were up to in this Tropical Dreamin' lookbook.