• Tyler Warren on Shaping

Tyler Warren on Shaping

Kids these days seem to be taking their crack in the shaping bay at a younger age than ever but for a 14 year old Tyler Warren the path to the shaping bay started in a driveway. Since that fateful day on some Orange County pavement, he’s become one of the most prolific shaper on the planet. Tyler's flexibility as a shaper - churning out everything from a 9-foot noserider to a high performance quad - and ability to do it with skill, a one of a kind finish that’ll make you question whether you should put the board in the water or hang it on the wall as decoration and easygoing nature makes him unique and an integral member of the Billabong family. Read a little bit about Tyler's start in shaping below.

When and how did you first start shaping?

I shaped my first board at the age of 14. A friend and I ripped the glass off of an old 70's board on the side of his house and reshaped it at the bottom of his driveway into something more for our size, a 5'6'' single fin egg.

Tell us about what a day in the life of Tyler Warren is like.

Usually I wake up, make coffee and check the waves, depending on what the ocean and weather is that day I kind of work around that and will have a session if it's worthy.

Which shapers have inspired you over the years?

Guys like Terry Martin, Malcom Campbell of the Bonzer, Bob Simmons, Skip Frye, Steve Lis, Donald Takayama and Matt Biolos have all played a big inspiration in my shaping.

Tell us about the calligraphy that is on some of your boards.

I hand draw all of my own logos that are printed for the boards and upon request I'll hand draw them into the foam or on the hot coat. I have done many different art pieces on boards over the years.

What would you say your favorite model is to shape?

Hmm, it’s probably just the next one that’s in my head. I always love creating new ideas for shapes.

Who’s your favorite surfer to shape for?

Pretty much just anyone that shreds. It’s great to see a friend fly by you on something you shaped.

What’s the best board you’ve ever shaped yourself?

That’s a hard one, but I have this 5'5'' twin dream fish that has been a lot of fun the past couple of years.

What keeps you shaping?

The orders (laughs) but mostly the stoke to shape a new board.

What’s the future of shaping?

I think we are in the future every day, the boards and materials people are using are much more advanced then 10 years ago. I think Hydro are providing some futuristic rides and with the new wave pools I think you will really be able to pick apart different designs, rails, fin set ups and everything else.

Where do you see your shaping in 20 years?

I hope to still be doing it and to have hopefully stoked out many people on my shapes.

Thanks to Tyler for his time! Follow along with his journeys, art and shapes by following him on Instagram at @tyler_warren.